Finding My Funny Ass Underwater 🤡 Flooding & Funny GIFs w/ @grow-pro

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When it rains, it pours

It's been a wet few weeks here in Central Maryland and for the East Coast in general. Having my family displaced and damage to my home has brought me down quite a bit, but I try to find the humor in everything. Might as well or it'll kill me..LOL

It is with great pleasure that I present a few GIFs relative to the abnormal amount of rain that we have gotten these past few weeks. Our basement flooded from extremely heavy rainfall just about a week ago now and we now have another system moving in with severe rainfall.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 5.45.47 PM.png

Here we go again...

Let's go to Tom with the Extended Weather Forecast for Maryand

Extended Forecast

We told the rain to stop. The rain said "No: You stop."

Didn't See A "NO WAKE" sign, sorry lady!

What I look like when I see my basement flooding

When you are the Captain of the House and it rains fkn 4" per hour

When I tell people my basement flooded and they respond "Oh, man that is expensive". Well, thank you Captain Obvious

Wife says it is raining again...

How I feel when I clean up the water but it rains again 5 times harder

How I will need to cut my grass after 20 inches of rain in a month...

Got some pool toys for my basement...

They say....

I say...

Spank you for reading!

Send me some sunshine or just say something funny! Hit me with some flood gifs and memes, I need the laughs.


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I was going to write a long and philosophical comment, but as everyone else did funny ones.....

Beware what might be lurking in that flooded basement....

hahahaha this is a killer! You know he is laying down there at the foot of the stairs thinking:
'this is a live stream... I think I just became a meme gif..'

lol. Yeah. Here in Jersey we had a soggy ass 2 weeks straight. 2 weeks of Satan’s Asshole heat to Scortch is and now it’s back to rain. Great summer so far.

😄 hahaha yeah man, great summer so far
Too much rain then Momma Nature says "here, have some heat stroke", now back to dumping

Do t worry. It’ll turn straight from this to windy with leaves falling in one weekend.

Here's one I found that may put a smile on your face


Rain is great. Until you have a basement. Or gutters. Or own a home at all.

hahaha TRUTH. We wish for it when it doesn't come and we shop vac it when it finally does but in far greater amounts than necessary 😆

It's been raining here a ton as well. Thankfully, we've not had any flooding problems. I am definitely reminded to make sure the house I get built is on top of a hill!

Hahaha yea we are 30/32 at the top, so lesson learned...hahaha Although, my parents had several floods and the house is literally the highest elevation in the neighborhood.... Come to find later the house is built on a nature spring! Top of the hill is not always optimal unless nature cooperates. I learn best the hard way, so I'm sure I'll soon be the wisest fool 😂

Stay dry, brother. Let's hope this winter is far less intense!

Well, in a worst case scenario, you can always move to Virginia. ;-) /love

Virginia is for lovers 💯
Renting some machines and going to problem solve. All the different work experiences I've had over the years are really paying dividends now, I swear. Might be doing a DIY series Steemit style... I'm in a great position right now to make changes, but if we are gonna be neighbors we need to think warm and dry 😂

If I move to VA, you, I, and @boatsports90 would have to start a Steemit meetup.

Warm and dry? Hmmm

That's not possible with mountains and forest moist enough to never have to worry about a fire. :) There are no real good options as you already know.

MD and VA are pretty good places when it comes to geography and climate!

I'm thinking of doing what @mbrown suggested, and my next post may be for the typical person who asks, "What's steemit, and how do I get started?"

That is a good point, at let I'm getting rain and not living in a tinderbox about to ignite. I guess if things get really wet here, my neighbor already has a pontoon boat that we can hang out on while net our belongings out of the yard.

Panama is looking better and better 😂

I'm excited to hear you say that and also to have posts coming! You would be a prime candidate for that what's Steemit & how to get started. Certainly could add that to your comments to direct new users to the immense center of knowledge that can be used to progress here. You brought me here not knowing a single human other than you and I can vouch that it takes either resilience to failure to endure with little guidance or a mentor willing to help navigate this technologically laced realm.

When can we expect this post, @finnian? I'll be watching Gina closely 😉

Soon! I won't have to force myself to write it, and the content isn't dark and depressing. ;-)

Yes, Panama is nice. When it rains there too, it rains for a couple hours and stops from what I understand. It isn't like Seattle or the UK with constant rain!

Yea VA weather hasn't been all that great recently, haha. It's the place to be though! So many more nice people down here 😂 you know you wanna.

I got lucky with my neighbors, they are seriously awesome humans. If I leave I'm bringing half my neighborhood 💯 then changing my Steemit name to grow-va since I'll be pumping the population records up 😆

😂 😂 Hey man all that is totally cool with me

Haha! Well, SPANK me very much and you says I............. that older cat with that jimmy rigged mower trimming his hedges did it for me....... WTF? Classic! Sorry bout' your basement and the headaches that go along with it. Just remember it'll all be over and done with soon enough. Most importantly how can you improve and what did you learn? Now I'm gonna go out and rig my mower cause that was a hell of an idea............. ;)

The hedge master is really impressive 😆😆
All you need is a bench press bar, some duct tape, lawnmower. Can't get much more ingenuity in a single product. That is hillbilly innovation at its finest!

I learn a whole lot and I'm more motivated to fix shit that will prevent the possibility of repeating this. Abnormal weather or not, I will do 3 preventative measures for each single problem. One isn't enough and I learned that lesson for sure. Prepare, prepare some more, then hope nothing happens..hahaha
I'm probably gonna be doing my first dLive vid here soon. Just a big kid playing with machines 😂

Shit, we all know life throws more curve and knuckle balls than anything else and yes........ DUCK TAPE is the answer! Do all/fix all! ;)

Truth in the purest form:

DUCK TAPE is the answer! Do all/fix all! ;)

If duct tape can't fix it, it's trash...LOL
It holds a NASCAR together at 210mph, so it's pretty much the best thing for man since fire 😂 We are the smartest and simplest animals in the world. #ducttapeORpitchit

Oh, and as some would say........."Just blame it Uncle Sammy and all his chemtrailing..............."

Dont mind us, just whitening clouds, making rain, and doin science stuff

"Fat guy in a little coat......" I miss him........

No doubt. He is a comedy legend.

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