Colourful Photography Contest - Original Painting

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This is my entry to the #colourfulphotography contest by @juliank. The wall and ceiling painting you can see was created by @sature and me in @kaliberlin. We hope to open the shop soon. A first steemit meetup there is also in the process of planning. In some minutes we will leave to continue painting and install the sink.

You can find the post to the photochallenge here.

Lots of Light and Love <3


Sehr cool <3
Noch etwas gedämpfteres Lich und die passende Musik - dann kann die Party los gehen <3
Ich übernehme den Resteem und Otto kommt mit dem Vote vorbei.

Votepower von @peppermint24 = halbe Pfannenkuchenstärke*

Leider nur in der Höhe des Pfannenkuchen - nicht im Durchmesser :D
Steem on!
Cheers from Paraguay

Haha, danke für diesen lustigen Kommentar. Perfekter Start in den Tag :D

@yoganarchista das erfreut mich zu hören, dass damit der Freitag gut begonnen werden konnte <3 Ottili war auch schon da - also alles im grünen Bereich :) Dann hoffe ich der Verlauf des Tages bleibt so positiv!

Vielen Dank für deinen sehr noblen #upvote

<3 Grüsse aus Paraguay

Sehr schönes Bild!
Da entdecke ich doch glatt noch den Hippie in mir....
Habt Ihr gut gemacht!!


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Thank you for the great support of photographers on steemit @photocontests and @juliank <3

so awesome and brilliant painting it look like as fly bloon and also more incredible work on it @yoganar i think its really best entry for color see this not look a painting its look like as a capture fo some beautifull colors

Thank you very much @shencoin :) I am happy you like it <3 We have put a lot of love in creating this :)

wow. wonderful surely this is winning picture.

Thank you for your support :) I think there are already a lot of great works submitted to the contest :) Who knows ;)

Looks like the inside of a hot air balloon. What kind of shop?

It is a psychedelic bookshop. It will open in January in Berlin <3

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very perfect and very cool photos.
how do you mengambl photos as beautiful as that,
how and what is the secret?

Great Work! Upped and Resteemed! What is this shop going to be?

great art so awesome.....

I love! excellent painting!

Sehr schönes Pic mit tollen Farben :-)

Photos of the contest are remarkable. The colors that adorn this eye and heart. Good luck always for you @yoganarchista. 😊😊😊

amazing. loving it this much that I really want to see it again and again.

Have a nice and successful day my honest lady

great shot! following!

This is cool how did you take this picture

Awesome photography

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