Blue Sea, Cool Breeze, Calm Moments … Pondicherry, India – Colourful Photography

This is my entry in @juliank’s Colourful Photography contest.

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A taste of Europe

I snapped this photo from the window of our hotel room in Pondicherry (aka, Puducherry). The city was a French colony until  1954, and much of it retains a quaint, European vibe. Pleasant tree-lined streets lined with cafes, restaurants, well-maintained historic villas, churches and temples, antique shops, bookshops, and various boutiques. 

A moment of calm

A seaside promenade stretches the length of the old city. These few locals were lounging on the “rock beach” at the far end, relaxing and looking out over the Bay of Bengal. Many Indians have a fondness for brightly coloured clothing, and these few people provided vivid accents against the wide expanse of the sea.

Like most Indian cities, Pondicherry is hot and noisy, and there’s plenty of traffic and other such frenetic activity. But here on the seaside, anyone can come to experience a blissful moment of calm respite, gaze over the blue sea, and enjoy the cool and refreshing sea breeze.


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This is an amazing sight to behold, really. I am amazed at the reddish shore. It gives the image a perfect blend. And let me add that this is the first time I am seeing a reddish shore.

Yes, that red shore makes a great border to the photo. It was not sand, but soil.

Interesting. Is there something European about the architecture in this area?

Yep, but only in the city center / old town. The French colonized it for a century or more, so it looks a bit like Europe. A bit ....

Oh so blue.. is this the one from Andaman?

The Andaman Sea is far off, in the distance, past the horizon.

Awesome photography water and its color is so beautiful you captured it perfectly Thanks for sharing this amazing photography

..the blue sea seems like a background,it's dominant color calms my eyes from the playful color of the peoples clothes sir @majes.tytyty 😊

The photo is gorgeous. Together with the description it becomes unique. Good luck to you and love.

Beautiful contrast in a city where bustle and street stress predominate and a natural landscape that invites relaxation and relaxation. Excellent images.

Very beautiful landscape. The water color really like sky:-)

This great travel i appreciate your post thanks for sharing ..Best of luck...

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