Colorful Photography Entry: Morning Glory Hot Spring Pool in Yellowstone

I remember seeing this pool as a child. It once had the most crystal clear deep-blue color to it.

Although still quite clear and still colorful, it was sad to see how much it has changed over the years. Tourists have thrown pennies and other trash into it changing it's composition and color. If "we" would have known decades ago how it would damage the pool maybe time alone wouldn't have changed it this drastically. I would love to see that deep blue water again. I might have to dig up some really old photos. See how my photography skills compared back then. ;-)

Here is my entry for #colourfulphotography hosted by @photocontests.

Morning Glory Pool

IMG_0813 copy.jpg
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CategoryColourful Photography
Settings1/25 sec at f/16
CameraCanon 5D Mark II
LensCanon 17-40mm f/4L
LocationYellowstone National Park


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It is the most fascinating thing. It sadens me enormously to hear that people have thrown trash into it.

It was sad to see. Especially going expecting to see the same thing that I still vividly remember from my childhood.

Amazing colour. I've never seen that before. Very cool!

It is neat to see.

I would love to see that. I'm sure far more amazing in person than can be captured in a photo.

As is so often the case with nature. :-)

Wow this is breathtaking

Thank you! It is breathtaking. One of nature's many wonders.