A Betta Fish

I visited my daughter last week and took this photo of one of her Betta fish. She has two Betta fish and I thought this one had some beautiful coloring. She has new tank set-ups for them and I took this photo looking straight down into the tank. I had two photos to choose from that I took and chose this one because its tail was flared out more than the other photo. No editing done on the photo other than some minor cropping so that is its actual coloring under the tank lighting!


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Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)

That is a BEAUTIFUL tail! Seeing your photo makes me miss having a betta. Those things live forever compared of other fish I have owned. My sons did have a red one named Clifford that lived for about 8 months last year!

Thanks @keciah! I like Clifford as a name for a red Betta!

Betas/Siamese fighting fish have the most radiant colored scales!

awesome pics. how beautiful this tail is!

That is a beautifully colored one! I've had a few Betta fish over the years, they are neat fish.

Thanks @debralee! My daughter has almost always had one. Her first one she nosey cause he had a Jimmy Durante nose..lol!

That is a beauty! I would like to have one of those..when my rainbow shark dies!

Thank you Melinda! Rainbow sharks are pretty cool looking fish. I love the different colorings they come in and some have very fancy tails. I think this one is one of the prettier ones she's owned. She hadn't named him yet as he's still fairly new. She got a reddish one also so has two small tanks next to each other.

It would be fun to have a Betta- this rainbow shark is kind of boring- he sleeps all the time!

Lol..I guess that can be kind of boring! I don't know why that makes me laugh but I feel like you could make a funny story about that sleepy rainbow shark! 😊

Ha...people have asked why I have an empty aquarium, and I have to go find the fish to prove there is really one in there!

A beautiful tail on the fish @deerjay. Nice capture.

Thank you @redheadpei! They do have pretty tails and I never knew there were so many different kinds. My daughter has always loved Betta fish and they are relatively easy to keep.

I love beta fishes and use to have some myself.
Great captured my friend 😊 amazing color.

Thank you @saffisara!! A great thing with them is they are pretty low maintenance. My daughter has a nice small setup with this one which let me take a photo from above.

That helps I'm sure to get good shots but also need a good eye 😉 you have that.
Thank you for sharing, great one.
Have a wonderful Sunday. Cheers!

Oh my goodness, how beautiful! Fish really are pretty. Especially the colors!