Graffiti art in the railway underpass

I took these images with my brand new 6mp Nikon D70 back in 2004. The graffiti art was painted on the walls of the underpass at Lawson railway station in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

It's my entry in this week's #colourfulphotography contest by @juliank.

You gotta admit, they are colourful ...

DSC_0137 L.jpeg

DSC_0140 L.jpeg

DSC_0136 L.jpeg

DSC_0134 L.jpeg

DSC_0138 L.jpeg

DSC_0139 L.jpeg

DSC_0144 L.jpeg

... and pretty cool too.

So, is it art or just graffiti on a wall?

To see more of my photography, come check me out at @atnicholson.

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I love street art like this. But how about the twats that have tagged their rubbish over the top of it. Whyyyy?!

I’ve given you a follow and will see you around. Us ex-CBA shills have gotta stuck together 😂.



My bank shilling days are well and truly over LOL.

Wonderful images of colourful graffiti artwork @atnicholson When I see random scribbled graffiti which vandalises property, I do not class that as art but when it is thoughtfully composed and painted on areas designed for graffiti, then I believe that comes into the category of art.


Couldn't agree more @trudeehunter. I really detest graffiti most of the time, but yes, this was very well done, brightened up a gloomy railway underpass, and I believe it had the full blessing of the railways, or council.


Yes @atnicholson Having the full blessing of the council makes all the difference. Most of these designs are done without sketches or drafts before painting on the walls so a lot of artistic talent is employed to create some incredible images. Melbourne has some amazing lanes adorned with contemporary graffiti.

it took great talent to become a powerful photographer. you have it @atnicholson


Thanks @dijetechili I am still learning and still make many mistakes :-) .

good graffiti. perfect color combinations. I think this is great art.. @atnicholson


I agree @shanahs. I love the colours as well as the characters. Cheers

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the photos that you portrait are very good, you are very smart in choosing for the photo, I really like the picture you photo @atnicholson

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looks nice!