It Can't Get More Colourful Than This!...So Vivid...So Vibrant & So Stunningly Beautiful! Enjoy Watching!!!

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I Believe, I would say a colourfulphotography is that…which would include variety of colors…such as… Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, maroon, Orange, Violet, Black, Pink, Indigo, Pearl, Golden, Silver, White and brown …may be couple of more!!!... and that would make it Colourful…definitely! Isn’t that Right! Ofcourse…it is! Yeah!!!

Now this awesome capture that I took at a Modern & traditional Jewelry Fair, sometime back, seems to be a perfect fit for COLOURFULPHOTOGRAPHY!!!

I am so very delighted to share this capture, Wowww!!!... Surprisingly enough this shot is also a perfect fit for COLORCHALLENGE...Yeah!!!

So in this most amazingly colourful capture, there are variety of ear rings and so many multicolored wristbands that were truly so gorgeous and stunningly beautiful. I am so very sure, that you all are going to really like this wonderfully colorful capture, in all aspects.

Enjoy the Capture!!!
||Medium: iphone5s||

Thanks for reading and watching!


Wishing you all Good luck, with Lots of Love!!! Cheers!


Special Word of Thanks to @juliank for creating #colourfulphotography
Special Word of Thanks to @kalemandra for giving us #ColorChallenge

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beautiful ......

Thank you so much! :)

Colourfully colourful indeed, keep clicking and keep sharing @amitsharma, lets keep steemit a colourful world.

Thank you so much! :) Pleasure, Indeed!

thanks a lot

Pleasure, Indeed! :)

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The simplicity of the photograph shows how beautiful it is in the diversity of colors ... Congratulations I love it

Thats so wonderfully put across and I am really glad that you could get the REAL ESSENCE of the Capture!
Thank you so much!

Beautiful post dear friend @amitsharma. Good work.

Glad you liked, really appreciate that!
Thank you so much! :)

Colors bring life to the soul. I think colors directly influence the soul

Couldn't agree more! So rightly said!
Thank you!

wow, these are so very refreshing in my eyes :D i love how you capture and it is like a rainbow

Really glad you liked and thanks for such a wonderful comment! Truly appreciate that! :)

Colorful and bright beautiful shot

Thank you so much, Jay! :) Absolutely appreciate such a kind gesture!

Your welcome my friend :)

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Thank you so much !!! @bitgeek

This is really nice! Thanks for sharing.. please do check my photography too :)

Thank you! Cheers! :)

Amazing shot

Thank you so much!

You are welcome

Nice post with so many colors @amitsharma.

Thank you so much, Gautam!

Holi ki tayyari abhi se... 😆 nice click

Yeahhh !!! Thank you so much! Shilpa. Infact, Wish you a Very Happy & Colourful Holi!!! :)

Thank you and a very happy Holi to you as well! Cheers!!

As always just wow

Thank you so much, Nainaz.
Wish You a very Happy & Colourful Holi! :)

Wishing you and your family the same Amit :)

Pleasure, Indeed! :)

This photo makes me so happy! The colors are beautiful. Thank you for posting.

Also, what is the Steembuds program? The photo was not clickable. Thanks.

Thank you so much, really appreciate that! & glad you liked the capture! Cheers! :)
Steembuds is my vision to support the newbies who join steemit and guide them through from the very beginning so that they can kick-start their journey in a better way on Steemit. Its still in process and will take finite amount of time to make it active and going!... to support the newbies!
Thanks for asking!
Cheers! :)

That's beautiful capture! The colors look cheerful and really could make a day

Thank you so much!

Great photo!

Thank you so much!

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looks very special never saw it like that, where is it? And are they all earrings?

Yeah...indeed so very different...n so colourful...earrings...wristbands...etc etc...
in Hounslow fair grounds !!! :)

Amazing photographs.... I love the holi festival. I hope you have more photographs of holi.

Thank you so much! Yeah!...Holi is indeed a Great and fun-filled festival !!!

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It is an awkward choice for photo composition yet you are able to make it appear majestic. The colors are so vivid. Im not sure what lens you are using it gives great detail but you wanna try some other lens that can blur the background and give more focus on the subject. What do you think?

Captured this on iphone5s ! :)

Very nice colors

Thank you! :)

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this is nice work.

Thank you so much!!!!

It's so beautiful, i never see that color combination
nice job, you take a nice and beautiful photo
That's amazing

Thank you so much!!!! :)

Really colorful!

Thank you so much! :)

your photo is so much colorful i like it please visit my entry in colorchalleng i hope you like it

Thank you so much!!!

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Can I have one :-)

a very useful motivation for steemit platform users thanks @amitsharma
best regards from @rosnawati in Indonesia

Thank you so much! :) :)

Very colourful

Indeed ! So very!!! :)
Thank you!

I don't know, maybe I don't have so much sense of colour, but what is so wonderful about this pic?

The essence of all the various colors in one frame!...incidentally! :) Thats it!

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