ColorChallenge MondayRed: Red Dress Bajau Girl


Is Monday again! And the #ColorChallenge for Monday is Red.
又是星期一!星期一的 #ColorChallenge 是红色。

A Bajau’s girl who was in red dress suddenly appeared behind us with her small boat. Although we were frightened but still managed to capture the moment when she was punting the small boat.

Actually, she came to ask us for some tips as requested in softly: Money, Money.
原来她是来和我们讨一些小费,就轻轻的和我们说着:Money (钱)Money (钱)。

The tour guide discouraged us from tipping her because it would make her think she could get the tips if she just requests.

In fact, they are very poor, uneducated, no electricity and water at their home, nothing they have. They only rely upon this ocean and the ocean is all they have.

Tour guide Knowing that we had pity on her and arranged for her to pose for us to capture, and then gave her some tips as a reward.

This photo is taken a few years ago, I hope you will like it.

My Gear and the camera setting:

CameraNikon D800E
Exposure Time1/1250 sec
Exposure Bias1 step
Exposure ProgramAperture
Metering ModePattern
Flash ModeNo flash
Focal length18mm

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给你说到我好可怜她... 好想哭


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wooowww! Beautiful picture!




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