Color Challenge: 50 Shades of... well Thursday Green

in #colorchallenge7 years ago

This Location was spotted in the Croatian National Parc Krka. I can hardly imagine a natural display of more shades of green.


pic shot with Lumix G70 / 12-60 mm

THX for having a look!



now that's what i call beautiful and peaceful

Great post, thanks for sharing 🙏🙏

wow awesome shot my friend, the water looks so cool and clean and the greenery around makes it even more attractive, if i would be there i definitely swim in this pool, stay awesome my friend and thanks for sharing


A beautiful place and nice click

The earth has music for those who listen.

Thanks for sharing

Keep sharing, caring and inspiring the world. Also, stay awesome. You got my unconditional support.

Steem On!

That's what i want to see nature everywhere

what a view of the place, supperb and green.

Looks like Paradise)

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