📸ColorChallenge - Monday Red🎈

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This is my entry for #colorchallenge Monday Red. #colorchallenge is a contest initiated by @kalemandra.

Red is one of my favourite colours.

It's very easy to find red clothes in my closet. I have a lots of red shirts, red skirts, and red bags. As tou can see, my profile picture is also a red chinese dress. So I can say that red is my favourite colour.

In the pictures below, I searched for a pairs of shoes. I didn't not expected to buy the red shoes at all but finally can you guess which one did I buy?

Actually I didn't buy the red one but I bought the one that I wore in the last picture. All of them are very cute. To be honest I want to buy them all but I can't cause I need to spend money on the others things also. 😂

One never enough for women but man. ❤




The photos took by smartphone google pixel 1.



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Great pix. Very playful. Four pairs of shoes 👠 are not too bad.

Thank you. You're right but I can't put them all in my backpack. 😭

My wife would tie her shoes with strings to the backpack. They do look silly hanging like that, but she said she "needs" all of her shoes. Sometimes I even wonder if she really know how many pairs she owns.

😄😄 She so cute. I also did like your wife. Tied it with my bag. Easy to carry but looked mess sometimes 🙃

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