ColorChallenge - Friday Skyblue

in colorchallenge •  2 months ago

  Hello, my dearest friends!!! 

Today I have this amazing bouquet decorated with blue details for you!

 Gentle and airy!!!

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Well, from now I become a fan of your bouquets which are incredible every time..

А это можно есть?

Cute colors!

Eye catching and mesmerising flowers, such a beautiful bouquet ,you are very talented person ,keep it up dear God bless you
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Thank you!! Bouquets are made by my girlfriend!

Awesome photography..a great bouquet

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Love it! :)

wow what a beautiful bouquet bloem vvor jou.gif

This one is very original and different from the others, very pretty.

I like your delicious bouquets

magic photgraphy ❤😊❤ super capture. what a colors and light; so adorable! the whole scene a new feeling. Well done!

Великолепный букет. Отличный вариант длялюбого юбилея и свадьбы.