ColorChallenge: Tuesday Orange

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This is an ostrich egg. Or rather, fried egg. We have ostriches grown on farms, like chickens. But still the eggs of the ostrich are expensive and we only buy it for the holidays. We decided to try these huge egg to taste.

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very big egg,,,strange,,wow post! I upvoted and followed you. Can you check my last blog post ,,

Astonishing! Does it taste like a chicken's egg, or does it have a richer taste, like a duck egg?


Honestly, the eggs are not tasty. Probably, they can be added to the dough or even other blends. But I would not recommend eating them as a separate dish


Fry onions, tomatoes, chillies and spices, then add the egg and scramble it. That will make it tasty

What was it like? Ostriches are native to my country but no-one really eats them. Mostly, the eggs are blown and decorated for curios for tourists


I always dreamed of having an ostrich. I think I'll someday buy a couple and I'll also invite tourists)))


Riding on ostriches is a thing here. Ostriches can also kick as hard as horses can so they are dangerous to keep