Color Challenge for Friday is SkyBlue – Bright Earrings of Swarovski

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A pleasure to greet you Steemit,

I like to make jewelery, I make these earrings of crystal. #skaybluecolor shiny of swarovski fascinates me the flash that emits this image of bright/ color is amazing and combined with other accessories. I like colorful activity I enjoy the color of today's theme thanks for the participation in Color Challenge Contest Friday I'm excited to take pictures Brigth Earrings of Swarovski.

Edited Image

Edited the Image with Power Point image format (microsoft office)it is displayed as a catalog image


Unedited image


Take the photo image with Moto G4 Play phone with these technical specifications
Screen 5 ", 720 x 1280 pixels
Camera: 13 MP
OS: Android 5.1
Profile: 11.6 mm

Thanks for watching my Post imagen FIRMA NUEVA .jpg

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Greetings, @magadasierra

Cute earrings, nice photography and well organized your post.
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Thank you my appreciated @teardrops and @surpassinggole, I am happy for your valuation full my face of tears of joy to have your support and grateful for the invitation smart media tokens a pleasure and honor for my being there


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