Colour Challenge: Thursday Green - My first breathtaking capture of the track to the Schönbrunn reserved forest

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G'day to all steemians!
It's already Thursday in the Far East part of the world, and today, I would like to introduce you my first green entry of the day that I totally love from the West side - Europe, particularly, Vienna.

Therefore for today's Colour Challenge (Thursday Green) started by @kalemandra , this is my first really satisfied take with my second hand D90 Nikon during my first Summer visit in Vienna

Pathway to the Forest

This was one of the pathway that brings you into the Schönbrunn reserved forest, where its right is actually the Schönbrunn zoo. A little smelly if you can't take animal stench, but it is quite an upward walk to it.

I actually previously wrote my piece about my day 1 after touch down in Austria. I am a little too lazy to re-write it so you can just click the link below and it will bring you right there.

Day 1.5 - The Schönbrunn palace

Please feel free to comment there too or comment here, either way I am truly grateful of your visit!

I will post another green entry later, which will be one of my utmost favourite spot in the mini forest.


Wow you're currently traveling?

No unfortunately. This was taken back in 2015 Summer. I am currently grounded paying off my bills. LOL. But I have not been updating my travel blogs and I have been nagged many times LOL.
Please feel free to click on the link of my full blog post. I am too lazy to re-post everything here @howtostartablog haha.

Haha you'll have to start earning to travel again! I didn't know you had a travel blog though. Checking it out.

Not really much. I had a few but then they closed down (or kind of sold off to another writer) so I am moving and restarting my travel blog updates. It's troublesome to keep moving from one provider to another, and I know Wordpress are one of those that will definitely do the trick, then since I kind of know HTML so I will try to make my own simple post to read.
I will post more of my log days (hopefully during this long weekend I can really sit and write) and will link it here to steemit so that you can go and check it out. Thanks for the support @howtostartablog