ThursdayGreen - Green matter, what is it!?

in colorchallenge •  3 months ago

Today I'm pleased to inform that I have two small challenges for you...

Sometimes photos main objects aren't that obvious. I'm not a professional photographer, but I like to play with my camera!

I will upvote with my 100% vote the first one to give the two correct answers :) Let the game begin!!

1 - Where were these photos taken?

2 - Can you guess what animal can live on this green matter!?

This was more a helper than a question....

This is my submission to #Colorchallenge by @kalemandra!

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1 - under water in (portugal)
2 - shrimp

Many thx to mention the #BeerSaturday


You got it right!! Thanks for your response :)

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First answer is no idea. Second answer also no idea.......ha ha


That was what I wanted, but I think it's easy to see: 1 - underwater seaweed; 2 - shrimp :)

tree leaves


Thanks for your attempt, but I already have the correct answer.


you are welcome beautiful shots

Oh... parece que cheguei atrasada! Mas que belas fotos!
Gosto muito!
Aqui vai o meu #LoveFriday de hoje, a correr, a correr, mas sempre com muito amor!