MondayRed - Red bottlebrush flowers

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Yesterday I looked through the window and saw these red flowers in the garden!

"Ahah, perfect for #MondayRed #ColorChallenge by @kalemandra!!"

Does anyone know what is it?

In Portugal (but not only) it is commonly referred as bottlebrushes!!
It's pretty obvious due to their cylindrical shape resembling a traditional bottle brush.

This plant belongs to the Callistemon genus, which is a native genus of shrubs in the family Myrtaceae, endemic to Australia.
In Portugal we also have one native plant in Myrtaceae family: Myrtus communis.

You must already know my predilection for native plants, but these red bottlebrushes flowers, with its long colourful stamens are quite unique and beautiful.

It is a popular plant in our gardens, and so far not naturalized
When an exotic plant became naturalised means that it can start occupying native habitats, turn in an invasive plant. At least in Portugal that doen't seem to happen (at least not yet)!! I found some Callistemon sp. are invasive in the USA, South Africa,..., hoppefully not where you live!

This is my contribution to @kalemandra #CollorChallenge and a small contribution to science knowledge (at least I learned something today while searching for the names of this plant!)

Have a great week!

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It is attractive and unusual with many potential flowers on the plant.


What we see are the stamens, I imagine the flower must be something tiny that I didn't bother to look for! ;)

é uma flor muito bonita. Mas confesso que não fazia ideia do que fosse :D


Vê-se tanto nos nossos jardins, e também nos mercados. Chamam-lhe limpa-garrafas, tradução literal :)

Não conheço esta planta mas é lindíssima! :)


É a limpa-garrafas. Hás-de reparar nos jardins, pelo menos na zona centro é bastante comum! :)

Awesome and beautiful Red bottlebrush flowers shots. Nice explanation and Perfect for #MondayRed, Best of luck @liliana.duarte


Thank you!!

Wonderful photos <3 @iliana.duarte