ColorCallenge - Wednesday in yellow

in colorchallenge •  3 months ago


Yellow Yellow Yellow!
Me and my good friend love to dress in yellow -) The Yellow color gives good mood and positive energy!

I wish you a nice Wednesday!

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@krassi good photo.
Just to mention the rules of MyDailyColor Challenge are super ordinary:

  1. Use only your original photos!
  2. Use the tag #MyDailyColor
  3. The title of your post must include MyDailyColor

Please observe them. Good luck.


Ако стъпките са само тези три изброени по-горе от теб, може да се опитам и аз да участвам. Има ли изисквания за брой публикации на ден? Задължително ли е да се публикува всеки ден?


Тава са правилата на MyDailyColor Challenge
Публикуваш когато решиш, според това как се чувстваш. Пропускаш дни, щом желаеш.

Colour challenge awesome photography best Wednesday yellow💛💛


Thanks 🙂

Good Day!
Nice.. Looks beautiful both of them Yellow lady My choice of yellow color. Photography is very nice. ColorChallenge photography.