Purple Sunday - Lupines with Julia

in #colorchallenge3 years ago (edited)

You may remember Julia from a few weeks ago. A favorite place of mine was abloom with yellow poppies and purple lupines! Today @chriskautzer and I are going to check on the status of this year's wildflowers, so I thought I'd share some beautiful purple lupines for Purple Sunday! Hopefully I'll have some wildflower news when I report back from today's adventure!





If we find flowers, and you pay me in snacks, I may recreate these photos as the model for you today...mayhaps.

I have it in writing

I really like her dress....of all things to mention right?

The second photo looks 3D and the model is a perfect contrast for those flowers - both the lupines and the yellows in the last photo.

I thought I was the only one who said mayhaps. Then I see it here, from your hubby.

very beautiful, colors are elegant, amazing, @jhoni likes, thanks for sharing, @joleenwillis😊

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