ColorChallenge ThursdayGreen - Misty Morning

in colorchallenge •  5 months ago

A view from my car's driver's window during the ride to the office this morning.

The world looks bleak today.

Yet, the fog will dissolve eventually and there is a sunny day in perspective.

Have a great Thursday, my friends.

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Have a great thursday too sir @ervin-lemark. In my place is bright, a little hot and windy. I really like the passion is shared, although the rains but you still go to work. Because God doesn't create rain, sun and wind to be a barrier to our activity. And there, the farmers very happy because the rain fell and watered their plants.

Thanks for sharing your spirit. God bless you


Thank you very much for showing your high spirit, I appreciate it!

It is already sunny :)


You are welcome sir. I learn from you. Oftenly, I said this is a spirit of steemit. If we find some spirit from steemian like you, and we sharet to other steemian, I guess they will not feel disappointed with the steem price now. Thanks sir

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Wow, this is so satisfying to watch.


Because it's been a year I have never visited a grassy field.


How is that? I would be completely lost without green around me. Grass, trees, ... even the sea and rivers are green occasionally.

Nature has the power to make your mind cool and fresh. Specially the green is just awesome.