Colorchallenge, Orange Tuesday: “Ecstatic Breath”

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Colorchallenge, Orange Tuesday: “Ecstatic Breath”

Still trying to catch up my breath after a long run around the bend of the Hiellen River, the moment was poised to become an unforgettable one… Trying to outpace the sun slowly setting relentlessly pursuing its fall along the arc, I set aside the opportunity to take the shot of a red beam of light poking through the thick of the first line of trees protecting the lands for the battered shores of Naikoon Park north shore. Though the perfect secret spot for the surfer aficionados, the area due east provides with incredible examples of basalt outcrop formations never missing a chance to trigger the imagination…

“Ecstatic Breath”, photography by @eric-boucher.jpg
(“Ecstatic Breath”, photography by @eric-boucher, Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.)

A the very base of Toe Hill, broken in half over time, is a prominent landmark of volcanic nature and is defined as a volcanic plug. It exposes an area of vertical cracks and underwater caves creating the perfect opportunity for what is commonly called “The Blow Hole”: At the end of one of those caves, is found a little crack or hole allowing water under the pressure of waves to strike the upper ceiling of its enclosure slowly building a squirt that transforms into a very powerful geyser under the right circumstances.

Here, in this picture, the circumstances had mustered their strength as the tide and powerful winds had been raising 6 meter waves on that evening. Hiding behind the most important outcrop, I tried all I could to keep the waters from hitting the lens as I placed myself in proper angle to witness this giant spray rise a solid and ephemeral 12 meters or so! The skies were enlightened due to the presence of a layer of cirrocumulus reflecting the sublime of its colours.


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When tou think about Nice things, oft it happens to come true. What an Amazing place!!

In deed my dear friend, I happen to feel extremely blessed as many of those incredible places I have been to treated me with such grace as to leave me mostly speechless. Namaste :)

Thanks for your very kind namaste.
I had to check what it means (sorry I didn't know before) .

No sorry necessary, it was to come up when the time had ripened and, as it was due, it did, for the benefit of us all! Thanks for sharing this great news with me, it warms my heart and gives me a very easy joyful smile right now. Namaste :)

There are no words to describe my delight from the photo. Thank you for not being afraid to risk dousing the lens and made this photo. Good luck to you and good.
By the way, I continue to practice with dreams. I'm seeing improvements. I, now, every night dream a lot of bright dreams, in which I talk with people. But, as soon as I wake up, I can not remember in detail the plot of dreams and conversations with people. In time, I can remember conversations?

Wow! @cranium, I am so glad to read this reply, what a treat it is to my day. the moment was definitely calling for my devotion tot he photo, I have to admit, what a passion it has became since I bought this camera three years ago...

I am even more so glad to read about your "dream work" and it makes me smile big to know that you are practicing on a consistent basis while improving as well. They go hand in hand! In order to remember them more easily, you can do a few things: Tell yourself as you that you will remember your dreams as fall asleep and make sure you set a very soft progressively increasing volume "wake up call". this way, the awakening back into your body is not too abrupt and making it fell like your had just birthed out of the canal and forget everything as the contrast is too strong. A slow awakening will allow you to rest in the in betweens for a little while allowing you to give to the dreams you recalled the space needed to remember them throughout the day and even later, depending on your intentions...

The next Dream Yoga article will cone in a little while, there are other articles needing to come out first though... Soon enough, when the time is ripe.

Namaste :)

It seems that there is much fuel for your artistic imagination there in your new home.

Great Photo!

There is so much more inspiration, it is like a magmatic chamber, slowly and relentlessly outflowing creative juices to the light of day... I have to admit, I really feel inspired these days and Steemit has been a very powerful force in this fashion in my life over the passed year and a half. Of course, wherever one goes, it is not the place but the people that make the experience worth the journey and you are one of those who have been inspiring me since the beginning. Much gratitude for your presence here as well as your open heart, mind and continuous motivational support.

Namaste :)

Nature is beautiful.
I love your expression and your feelings about this.
I love the way you took time to take the shot in such atmosphere.
It shows that you appreciate every bit of what it supplies.

Thanks for sharing this @eric-boucher

Regards @maintain4real-eu

Your words of appreciation are a delight to come across and soul food by the same token. Thank you so very much for it all!

Namaste :)

Oh mon dieu comme c'est beau..... l'eau mélangé au soleil qui se couche...

Merci beaucoup chère, je suis content que tu apprécies. C'était effectivement paradisiaque!

Namasté :)

That is a truly exceptional and beautiful photo! We've had some nice sunsets here in the Northwest as of late... but capturing that spray against one is stunning!

Thank you so very much for the compliments, it warms my heart to know you are appreciating this much, especially since you are also a photographer from the Northwest! You'd know what this is like these days.

Namaste :)

The photo is just fabulous. And a very interesting description. I appreciate unique photos when a person really works to make it. Bravo professional! I subscribe to you.

Your kind words are very flattering and equally enjoyed on this end! Thank you so very much as I am very pleased to read you have enjoyed both the photo and the text as well. Much gratitude for your fellowship as well, now I am going to check your blog out too!

Namaste :)

I think this is one of the most beautiful pictures you ever took (in my humble opinion) A mélange of nature... how the sun kisses the ocean, the cloud swirls in the sky...

Namaste ❤

You are so moving and I am glad to read that you appreciation of it somehow seems to parallel these feelings... Thank you so much for your humble opinion, it delights my soul.

Namaste @szuri! :)

Wow you perfectly captured the waves splashed the rocks! Awesome shot @eric-boucher!


Thanks a lot for the kind words and the resteem, much appreciated.

Namaste :)

Hello my friend from @eric-boucher canada, I can only say your photos are beautiful and very beautiful, perfect

Thank you so very much, it warms my heart to start the day with such a kind comment. Keep your smile, take good care, Steem on and, above all, thrive on @curiesea!

Namaste :)

Perfect shot,sunset,sea and orange color
really i love it.thanks for sharing


Thanks a lot, your kind words of appreciation warm my heart too! Namaste :)

great photo and quiet well described by you
thumbs up for this

Thanks a lot and I am very glad to read you have enjoyed both the photography and the writing. Namaste :)

ওঁ তৎ সৎ

Namaste in deed!!! I love your choice of OM design to go with it too... :)

i watch this post @eric-boucher . i like this photography . nice sharing @eric-boucher

Thanks a lot @abdur1122! I am so very glad to read you are enjoying it, namaste :)

Amazing post really nice.....I like it.thx for share😍

Thank you so very much, I am glad you enjoy it so much, namaste :)

Too great this photo, excellent

Thanks a lot, I'm happy you enjoyed it so much, namaste :)

Awesome pics

Thank you very much! Namaste :)

very beautiful color challenge. i like it

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoy it too! Namaste :)

is that your contest or what please guide me i am new here

If you press on the "colorchallenge" tag, just above and at the bottom of the article, you'll be directed to the challenge page... I don't know who is behind it anymore, but I love the theme and it keeps on motivating me to participate, so I do.

Namaste :)