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Yeah,,they are very tasty and crunchy.I always loved it.

I am hearing and seeing this for the first time. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing this food post
Thanks for you my dear friends @bunnypuncher

I am@richardalom

My weakness. Though, I think I'm the only nutter who chooses the plain ones first. I would never order a double/doule and an old fashion plain, but put them in timbit form and I devour them.

Tasty super crunchy goodies.
Yeah I like it.

Wow this looks yummy and tasty.

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I have never tasted them but I'm curious now.

Hey bro @bunnypuncher please tell me how to participate in the contests. and please let me know about your discord channel.

I would love to have them @bunnypuncher

Wow they look good and inviting, but never tasted one though.

Yes, a long time ago, those that are white, that look like donuts, are delicious, thank you for distracting me at least the view.

Hello, @bunnypuncher, I live too far from your country, for that I don't know Timbits. I live in Venezuela, but if someday I go to U.S.A. I hope to had them.

That so delicious and i think match to be in fast menu

Hi, @bunnypuncher, I live in Venezuela, we haven't "Timbits" here but they look delicious!!!

I've only had Tim Hortons coffee and donuts while I was in Afghanistan. They were great.

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Hi @bunnypuncher, I see those "Timbits" and I suppose they are great. here in my country aren't, but I hope to eat them some day in the future.

wow is this in america?

Mmmm, I think they are very good. We haven't of them in my country but in the future when I go there I want to eat them.

They look appetizing. I want to eat.