📷 #ColorChallenge-🌼Wednesday🌻Yellow-A Yellow Rose…😊 Is a Great Friendship Dose 💐

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Roses... whatever the color be, are symbolic to, various thoughts, expressions & feelings... to the extent that some moments are absolutely incomplete without them...&... A Yellow Rose, is a Symbol of "Friendship"!!!

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Although rose of every color has it's own importance, it is also a symbol of spiritualism in Catholic religion.

Great! really glad you shared that!
Thank you so much!

Beautiful. The colors look stunning.

Wowww! Glad you liked! Thank you so much! You are such a great admirer!!! :)

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Very interesting post about yellow roses. I agree that yellow rose evoke very nice positive feelings, but I have also heard that yellow rose or flower is a symbol of jealousy.

Thank you so much! :)

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

Thank you so much, really appreciate that! :)

wow..very bright pic!! 👍

Thanks! Cheers~!

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Beautifully described with the beautiful pics! Love the new dp of yours..color of hat is changed too :D

Awh... :) :) Thank you so much, Vishal. Really appreciate that kind gesture!

a very beautiful flower ... symbolizes the ultimate equality '.
that is the natural color of the creation of a perfect god .. a very good post

Thank you so much, glad you liked!...really appreciate that!


Thank you so much! :)

Mmm, I can almost smell the delightful fragrance of your stunning roses! @amitsharma
Yellow are my mom's favorite colored rose because of how they are like slivers of the sun placed here on Earth in the form of flowers to brighten gardens and vases in our homes🌼💛🌼

Thank you and truly glad you shared that! Indeed! Yellow Roses are really so very Wowww! :)
Absolutely appreciate! :)

wow so informative my little knowledge on yellow roses is upgraded. Yellow rose is the official flower of Zonta International and where I am currently a club president...i am so thankful that at least I know that it means thanks , appreciation and friendship....wish i could send you yellow ros to show how thankful I am and how i appreciate this new learnings and the extension of my wish to be your friend Amistsharma...I am a woman of 65 and i want you to kno i like your name ...is this your real name cheers

Thank you so much! Really really glad you liked and truly appreciate that kind gesture and wonderful words.
Yes! My name is "AmitSharma" and its Real Name!

i like color yellow :) it's very attractive just like this rose here hehe

Glad you liked! thank you so much!

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Roses are always beautiful and yellow ones i admire amongst all other colours.

Really appreciate that! Thank you so much!

Spectacular rose, shows the naivete and wonder of nature,Congratulations

Thank you so much! :)

Beautiful photography! I didn’t know the roses by the numbers! Thanks for sharing 😊

Awh...:) Thank you so much, Shilpa.

yes...me too and i really appreciate it...truly we really learn something new everyday

my favorite yellow color 😉

Really ! Glad you shared that!
Thank you so much~!

The mesmerizing-yellow-beauty.
brilliant addition @amritsharma.
Indeed it's a great friendship dose!

Thank you so much, truly appreciate that!

Wow yellow roses are very charming, success always for you @amitsharma😊

Thank you so much! Really appreciate that kind gesture!

You are welcome @amitsharma😊

Beautiful rose :)

Glad you liked! :)
Thank you so much!

This is a beautiful picture, so bright!

Thank you so much, really glad you liked ! :)

I love the roses! perfec picture!

Thank you so much~!
Glad you liked!

Nice rose

Glad you liked! Thank you! Akshay :)


I guess I have to grab a few yellow roses to give to a few friends!

Sure! Thats gonna be such a beautiful gesture! and they all are going to love it!

Glad you liked! Thank you!

such a lovey and beautiful flower, yellow rose sign of friendship

Cheers! :)

woah ! amazing pictures ! I just loved the post and great to see how wonderfully you have explained it. I hope to see more of such content from you ! keep uploading keep steeming and keep inspiring :)

Thank you so much!!! :)

@amitsharma, I love the roses! perfec picture!

Thanks! Cheers~

Beautiful pictures. I love roses.


Wow! Beautiful Rose in yellow it is quite looks amazing in closer view!!

Thanks for sharing this @amitsharma

Thank you so much, glad you liked!

I love the colour yellow, it really livens life

Cheers! :)

Awsm click friend gonna resteem for sure bro

Thank you so much!

Its my pleasure to do the favour as i also like photography and i am somewhere inspired by you and posted some.

So a yellow rose carries all these informations. This has increased my knowledge of flowers.

Thank you!

Glad you liked that!
Thank you!

Your photography always amazed me.
Are u an indian.

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Like it 😊

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