Color Challenge: Orange Tuesday

Don't you hate it when you're in the wrong place at the wrong time?

That's how I felt when my husband, @bluerthangreen, sent me into town to pick up some propane at the gas station, and this absolutely stunning sunset was in all its glory. Not that I blame him, much. But, could you pick a worse backdrop then gas pumps, a giant propane tank and a telephone pole?

I mean really.

Nevertheless, the sunset is a gorgeous orange, and for that I would like it to get a little exposure on the color today (no pun intended). Thanks @kalemandra for hosting the challenge!






Enjoy tonight's sunset, wherever you are :) @allforthegood


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Wow! These are some incredible photographs. The colours in the photographs are amazing.


They are quite intense!

Beautiful!! ♥


Thank you!


You are welcome!♥

Very nice! I don't really mind the silhouetted buildings in that last pic; actually looks pretty cool. Beautiful colors!


Thanks! I guess the telephone pole is what bothers me the most on that one. But true it is a different kind of setting and not your typical rolling field.

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Wow! Incredible!!!