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I think this guy makes some very good points in his video. It's sad people are going deeper into debt in the USA. We need less debt and not more especially with our bankrupt government.

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I didn't watch the video but I always thought college (for most) is a waste of money. If the cost came down for attending then it might be worth it.

Do you like Dave Ramsey?

I don't follow him. I watch very little traditional TV.

I think he has some stuff on Youtube. I mainly only watch Youtube.

I think he has some
Stuff on Youtube. I mainly
Only watch Youtube.

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I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Into dead? I knew it was bad over there, just not that bad. LOL

Whoopsies! lol Chrome didn't catch that one. lol

I know, in debt so bad you wish you were dead.

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