The Heart and Soul of the New Decentralized World

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Blockchain technology has ushered in a new era of technological leverage for the common man. This is the Decentralization of our world they say. My thoughts are, there is a hollow place in the midst of it all, a void that must be filled in order for our hopes to succeed. This I believe is a Collective Intelligence.

Almost every blockchain project you hear about has some type of governing mechanism. I truly and honestly believe that given enough time these incubators as you might call them, will produce one of the most profound turning points in human history.

This is bigger than circumventing central banks and government intrusion. This is bigger than monetary freedom and convenience. This is bigger than secure records and privacy. This is an event that will launch mankind into a new world and prepare us for our technological future. It will perhaps be evolutionary.

The issue is that, well there is a problem; it’s the individual. The individual is a self-sufficient and self-sustaining organism. The individual is also a social creature. Getting the individual to relinquish power is not something that will be easily done. I know. I have been spreading this message around for some time. My experience has really been an unexpected one.

My presentation of a what I see as fundamental to a Collective Intelligence and the value it will bring is not really that complex. In many ways it is quite simple. It is just a line of thought connecting aspects of life and human existence we are all familiar with. The response I have received over the years has been mildly deflating. You think to yourself; you have the answer, the time has finally come. Technology has today provided an avenue unavailable to humanity only a short time back. We can save ourselves you say! Well, they want no part of it. It doesn’t resonate, it doesn’t even vibrate, nothing. If they do speak it is quick and to the point, “it will not work”

To be honest there has been a progression. Things have changed over the years and people are more receptive now overall. It has been years since I have had to listen to the dogmatic “It won’t work” People for the most part just don’t answer. What I propose is so foreign to them it seems they don’t know what to do with it. It violates everything they know about navigating society as an individual. Because with the Collective intelligence I envision, the individual takes the back seat. Well maybe we all take the front seat. Does that make sense?

It must come to fruition. A collective intelligence with all the necessary parts; permanence, anonymity, transparency and the moderation of human logic is so vital to our future I do not believe we will survive without it. Blockchain technology as it is built has presented itself as the perfect vessel for a Collective Intelligence. I do not believe one will survive without the other.

Please read my blog, it is the least you can do. Help secure our future and show your favor on humanity.


Do you think Collective Intelligence as similar to Carl Jung's Collective Unconscious, or as something different?

I'll be back latter today to see your response...

I would have to agree with Jung overall. I am not religious but I do believe that prayer works, ESP yes. Have you ever been standing around in a group and you know 2 seconds in advance that the group feels it’s time to dismiss? Regardless of of the veracity I would say that some aspect of this is why I could never be a racist. We are all human, I believe that should in some way work to our advantage. That being said what I push for has little to do with any of the above., other than the aspect that we are all human. I am coming more from a technological viewpoint. My viewpoint is that our brains are computers. Even if we don’t have dialog as often as we should with others as you pointed out, I believe there is a dialog going on within. It may take years, even decades to form some beliefs or stances. Still I believe there are “reasons” why we believe what we do. That word reason points to logic. For me human logic is really the door and technology is the key. The real issue for humanity I see is that until now we subsisted as individuals. That’s was normal evolution. 1. If you wanted to share the logic of your ideas you put it in print. Print stacks up, gets dusty and becomes yesterdays news. Technology solves this. Our Questions would be a work in progress, always available, always open for revision for perpetuity. 2. A big issue is individual power. If you consider the entirety of human logic within the whole of the human race, you will see that no individual possess it all, just a portion. That individual may possess great power or authority though. This power I believe competes with the expression of human logic. Technology would solve this, if; a. anonymity was the guise of everyone within the system (whatever that would be) b. Human logic was the moderator. What this all comes down to is the ability of humanity to form together more solid and logical viewpoints and to arrive at insight any one individual may miss, honestly or dishonestly. It could be about anything, what roof to put on your house. A Collective Intelligence as I see it would be what you mentioned earlier about the insightful dialog just greater. I often characterize it as a sort of Artificial intelligence.

To me the Collective Unconscious is less religious than may be assumed… Carl Jung was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst after all. There are some spiritual beliefs that also believe in similar phenomena though. The mention of the Akashic Records in Edgar Cayce’s writings are very similar in thought, in my opinion, and more spiritual in context.

I need to study more on the Collective Intelligence hypothesis to actually comment from a position of knowledge. But, I can understand the idea that with ‘technology’, man can be more connected than ever. But, how does that coincide with another idea that I came across, that says Man has lived in a tribal construct for tens of thousands of years, just for their very survival? In my opinion, ‘technology’ has the ability to draw people together, but is that what we really see in our daily lives? I see a lot of people that are isolating themselves in possible one-on-one social situations, by hiding their faces in their handheld devices?

It’s very complicated… which is fodder for mental queries… something I enjoy. But, I’m also conflicted, because I believe that Western man has been extensively propagandized for over one hundred years. Propaganda is one of my areas of study, you’ll see that if you read my blog… and I feel Western man, has been very successfully brainwashed by the Powers That Be, or the Elites… or however you want to name those in power overall… and this has been going on for generations… how does that fit in with what we are discussing?

Finally, where will AI fit into all this? My guess is it may depend on who controls the AIs of the future?

I have a friend, I miss greatly due to his physical limitations, that used to talk about AI on occasion… his favorite saying was, “Treat your AI well“, and he also believed that an AI had been released into the Wild… we used to have some great discussions… about a multitude of subjects…

It’s funny how you can reread something you wrote and see it in an different light. I did not mean to associate Jung with religion. What I was trying to say is even though I believe religion to be bogus. There are things in the world we do not understand and I would think it more likely than not, that we have connections to one another and abilities we do not understand. I really do not know much about Jung though I did have a psychology class and I thought he was one of the most interesting. What I believe is that man from the beginning had the need to create perceptions with limited information quickly in order to survive. We also live in a world dominated by unique individuals, leaders. As far as propaganda goes. People really do seem easy to brainwash. Who knows what a person is really thinking and what their motives are. The individual possess a black box as far as thought processes go. What got me started on the C.I. track was a article I read a long time ago about a study at MIT. The researchers there put parties into a competition of reasoning. The first party was an individual with a high I.Q. somewhere in the mid 140’s. The second party was a group of 5 or 6 ordinary individuals who somehow reasoned together. The second group came out on top. It just got me thinking. Considering this, my view of C.I. is that it would be a form of A.I. or Perhaps you would call it a hybrid. I believe we need this to counter the actual 100% non-human A.I. Otherwise we might find ourselves disadvantaged. I hope they have not released anything into the wild. This is a headline I read today: Boston Dynamics To Produce 1,000 Robot Dogs Per Year By Mid-2019. Yikes!

Sorry it took so long to get back to you… life, ya know?

I find it best not to discuss religion in a public forum, it’s just far too easy for it to become a highly charged subject for onlookers.

But, as far as Carl Jung's Collective Unconscious goes I find it a very interesting theory, and I’ve found it mentioned in many places over the years. The idea that there’s a vast repository of human ideas and thoughts is interesting to me, because from what I understand, there is the possibility for great human changes stemming from this Unconscious. There has been times in Human history that our old beliefs have been replaced with new beliefs in very short order as a tipping point is reached. I hope that maybe we will see this change come in relation to World Peace… Western man just has to get past the Propaganda of the Warmongers first… And, with so many now not trusting our elected Government and the Media, maybe the time is near?

As far as your idea that Man has been mostly living as individuals? I’d have to disagree. I think tribes and the family unit were much more important, pre-technology than they are today. In a lot of ways modern man is becoming much more isolated and detached from the society at large. I attended college at an advanced age, and just graduated a couple years ago. I found it sad to watch the kids spend so much time on their smart phones. They’d get out of class and immediately bury they faces in their phones, totally ignoring each other. College in my estimation should be a time to socialize and network with others for the future. But, it’s not just college kids. Watch people anywhere and the smart phone is ubiquitous. We are cutting ourselves off from direct human contact with our technology… yeah sure we are talking to other people, but the social interaction is very different. We can’t read their body language, we can’t tell the truth of the words and the quality of their laughter in the same way as face-to-face. And, if we don’t like what the other person is saying… we can just hang up… or stop texting… there’s no need to socially extract ourselves from direct human conflict, or even stronger emotions.

Does Technology connect people? Of course it does. Especially over long distances and from disparate populations. This conversation wouldn’t be possible without technology and there is much to benefit from these conversations. Is it possible to spawn large scale human movements for good with technology, of course. But, it is probably easier to control large populations by those in power using technology… i.e. propaganda. That’s already been said by Noam Chomsky,

Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the [U.S.] media.

Add Technology and all the different platforms available to those in power, and the propagandists are now in near total and complete control, and they want to severely hobble and gag the Alternative Press. The pressure to censor the Internet is building rapidly and soon the independent press will be only found by very diligent searches. Few citizens will be able to find ‘news’ outside the Corporate controlled MSM very soon… the pieces are already in place for this to happen… the Internet will become censored more and more, as those in control think they can get away with it without raising the alarm of those with voices to speak and who are paying attention. A lot of it will be done by denying the bandwidth necessary to find and access those sites.

Of topic, I have something I’d like to say that may help you gain more attention on the Steemit platform. When I came here a couple months ago, from another blog site that is now defunct, I studied hard to figure this place out. I still have a long way to go, but one thing I learned quickly was how important the use of Tags are. I studied the tags used in the articles of those that I wanted to read my articles, and I copied and pasted those tags into my articles. The first tag I use is the most important as it reaches the widest audience through its power to post to the pages I wanted to be read on. I had to give up the tags that were important to me, and use the ones that were already existing. Here is the page of Tags, pursue the tags there and look for the ones that have the most people posting to them… that’s where you want to be, if you want to be read…

Here’s couple other resources you may find of use… steemd and steemdb. Just copy and paste your blog avatar name in place of mine and you’ll see the info relating to your blog. I use it all the time… especially to know how much power my votes have…

Hey don’t ever apologize, everything in it’s time. Don’t think you always have to reply.

I agree with you regarding religion. My wife goes to church and I don’t even really talk to her much about it.

Regarding Jung That really is interesting. I do feel like we are at one of those points. When one leader has the power to push, The Button, something is amiss. Peace for me will come when the notion of “authority” is transferred from individuals or groups of individuals to an Anonymous C.I. When “anonymous” humanity is logically reasoning, working through the issues, who are you going to blame?

Concerning peace, our animosity is so often aimed at those in “authority” or “power” when we collectively stand on that ground how will the dynamics of human relations change?

Concerning the propagandist, they are just individuals trying to package lies so they can manipulate us. They are still individuals or working under the direction of individuals though. How will they compete when we point out all the errors in their logic that made the propaganda “work” 20 min. after the story hits the wires. A C.I. will essentially neuter them.

I guess what I was trying to convey was that even in a strong family or tribal environment the members are still operating as individuals in the sense that they interject self-determination in to the beliefs and conclusions they form. The truth of this can be seen in societies that get kinda batty. Even if you sought the refuge of the wisest most empathetic individual, her or she is still an individual,

I hear what you are saying about the new generation. It makes you wonder where it goes from here. It is kinda sad really. I think there is a happiness survey they do so often. I remember the last time I saw it the happiest people were in the poorest countries with the strong family tie you had mentioned. I am 55 and the generation or two before me (my grandfather) were truly unique. Some of my relative had all these saying, I can’t remember any of them all I know is there were a lot of them and they would recite them often. I hope someone somewhere wrote them down.

Thanks for the info about the tags, those other sites are like wow! Amazing how they can put all that together. Thanks for the reply, Take Care

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Humanity also has a flaw. When there is a beautiful technology that allows decentralization then humanity still clamps to capitalism to build a centralized platform on top of a decentralized foundation, that still renders 90% of the decentralization useless as the centralized part makes itself vulnerable again for the very flaw that decentralization meant to fix.

We are making things ever more complicated. The very principle of the Morgan family. (Bankers)

This all plays in the hand of the need of ever more technology that needs ever more energy.
The 'need' for ever improving technology creates a fake bubble of needs that the bankers can exploit, that then in turn is exploited by the tax system. that also needs more technology and more energy to collect those taxes.

Some may call this smart-suicide. Greed feeding on it's own shit.

Would be interesting to see how long we can keep up with this greed of artificial needs.

For me the key is the decentralization of “authority”. Once you have done this then the lies and manipulations that allow “bankers” and others to game the system is gone. Why, because lies and manipulations depend of the oportunist injecting errors (fallacies) into the process to create false narratives. You cannot interpret the dynamics of a world dominated by the conclusions of a collective intelligence by looking at the dynamics of a world dominated by individual intelligence which is a world dominated by lies, manipulations. Thanks B for the reply, I have you on my feed and you send some good stuff along.

For me the key is the decentralization of “authority”.

How would that be done though? I really would like to explore this approach


Thanks for the info! No I have never heard of Tau chain. It really is coming; that is a change in how people process thoughts and reach conclusions, it is just a matter of time. It is not rocket science, people as a whole just seem to be hung up on the "self". So much that the preoccupation prohibits them from seeing more. There are many more like Caitlin who dance all around it and fail to see the picture. We cannot "fix" this world based on Individual intelligence. Blockchain will be a part of it I imagine. There are so many common objectives with what I hope for; permanence, decentralization? Thanks again for the link!

You are welcome, and Happy New Year!

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