Tauchain 101: Essential Reading On One Of The Most Revolutionary Blockchain Project Under The Radar...

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Amidst countless blockchain projects hyping themselves up as "the next big thing," there are a few that have been working under the radar that hold the promise - not in word, but in substance - of truly being revolutionary game-changers.

Such ventures have not yet often come into the spotlight. Partly, due to that their founders have focused first on the fundamentals of creating something that speaks for itself versus the all-too-common approach of prioritizing sensationalistic marketing. And partly, because the degree of innovativeness they represent - in tandem with a complexity in scope of the larger visions and implications of their success - does not always lend itself to an easy understanding upfront.

One such project - still very early on in its development, yet holding transformative potentials no less grand than those of Bitcoin and Ethereum as they birthed and evolved the blockchain landscape:



Until recently, with the launch of a new website that has successfully managed to articulate the project's vision much more clearly, understanding what Tauchain is striving to accomplish was a domain only a very few, highly-intelligent technically-inclined dared to tread. And prior to December 2018, there was no code - only an unproven concept spearheaded by a single Israeli developer, Ohad Asor, whom nearly all who've managed to connect with have declared to be one of the most brilliant geniuses they've ever met, possibly ahead of his time.

Just as Bitcoin introduced blockchain as an innovation radically altering the trajectory of our societal, economic, and technological evolution - and Ethereum continued in suit with its upgrades to expand in developing upon the vision with entirely new sets of capabilities for developing a range of decentralized applications and smart contracts - so too, may Tauchain be such a platform whose success proves comparable, the impact of which may bring quantum leaps in the Blockchain Revolution.

How and where to start in describing Tauchain...?

Well, were we to begin with the technical side of things, it'd be likely to lose 98% of the audience. So perhaps, a better starting point might be the bigger picture:

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 1.26.38 PM.png

This generalized overview, however, still only barely scratches the surface.

While the intended ends may be that of a generic concept enabling drastically-increased efficiency in global collaboration, the means by which such is to be achieved entails a number of innovative component developments that each hold great significance and implications of their own.

While each may require deeper exploration to better grasp and begin piecing together into the bigger picture, the Tauchain website now offers an overview of key features which account for just some of what it to differentiate it from other blockchain platforms - and enable new collaborative capabilities not currently possible with currently existing technologies:


While it'd be possible to expand upon each in great detail - both in regards to the functionality and implications for their applications - this particular piece of writing is to serve as a basic introduction to some of the best, most-easily-accessible content written on Tauchain to-date.

And as we transition into that content, we shall begin with a quote summarizing the core essence of Tauchain, as approached from but one angle:

This project created by Ohad Asor is really ambitious and aims to create the internet of knowledge.

Some people would label it as an Artificial Intelligence, but according to the creator this is something totally different. Summing up and to understand me, Tau-chain is a tool that knows how to interpret any information and deduce any consensus. This tool can be used in any field, judicial, political, academic, social, scientific and also without limits assembly from 2 people to a million for example.

~ @capitanart, from "My experience with Tau-chain"

The collection begins with two selections from Steemit's @trafalgar.

If anyone has successfully managed to distill the essence of the Tauchain vision into words that'd serve as a foundational Tauchain 101 intro, it'd have been him in these two excellent pieces:

What Is Tau? - My Only Other Crypto Investment

The Power of Tau - Scaling the Creation of Knowledge

Next, come three short articles from @flis, which may not go into any new details beyond the three above, yet offer a slightly different yet simplified perspective to reinforce the clarification of Tauchain's key concepts:

The vision of Tau-Chain, a blockchain based self-amending platform designed to scale human collaboration and knowledge building

How Tau-Chain can be implemented in practice

Tau Chain vs. Tezos - which platform will provide a better solution?

~ design credit: @voronoi

Next, come a few selections from @dana-edwards, who has likely been the single individual who has translated the highly-complex technical vision of Ohad Asor into a more-approachable nature from which non-academics may begin and better understanding a Tauchain.

Quite possibly the first to write of developments and share outside of the project’s IRC channel and Bitcoin talk thread, Dana has one of the most comprehensive grasps publicized anywhere on the project, and his writings continue to serve in establishing bridges for more people to discover and deepen their own comprehensions of the innovations Tauchain represents to not only computer science and the blockchain revolution, but cultural & societal evolution as well.

What follows are a collection of his writings related to the project which excellently piece together key ideas and insights, from which the gaps may be filled in to grasp a firmer idea of just how significant these developments could be and what the bigger picture of their success might look like:

What Tauchain can do for us: Collaborative Serious Alternate Reality Games

What Tauchain can do for us: Finding the world's biggest problems

Tauchain: The automated programmer

Artificial morality: Moral agents and Tauchain

What Tauchain can do for us: Effective Altruism + Tauchain

Collaborative Alternate Reality Games + Tauchain = UBAs (Universal Basic Assets)?

Tauchain and Tezos, why adaptability is the key to surviving in a fast changing environment

My commentary on Ohad's latest blog post: "Agoras to TML"


The following three pieces are not introductory-level, and may likely require a background in computer programming to understanding. However, for anyone reading who might be interested in diving deeper into the technical side of the project, they are included here:

Tauchain is not easy to understand but here are some concepts to know to track Ohad's progress

For all who are researching Tauchain (TML) to understand how it works, a nice video!

More on partial evaluation - How does partial evaluation work and why is it important?

~ design credit: @crypticalias

One other writer covering Tauchain needing to be mentioned: @karov.

While not the easiest to read and understand, the Steemit account of Georgi Karov is undoubtedly one of the most consistent sources of coverage on the project.

A lawyer by-trade and currently one of the three members of the core team, @karov's insights into the project are reliably detailed, expansive into philosophical territory, and fascinating.

Although none of his articles have been included in this introductory collection, those who may be interested to keep up-to-date with coverage on the project would be well-advised to follow his Steemit blog - and/or read backwards through the last few months of his posts there, as the blog is nearly-entirely Tauchain-related content.

Lastly, though not least:

Coming from one of Steemit's most brilliant early-adopter-minds, @kevinwong, this one is a quick read in itself with some key points worth factoring in to a proper assessment of the project. And - far lengthier than the post itself - the comments thread also contains some gold:

Is Tauchain Agoras in Good Hands?

And to wrap up with another excellent quotes from design consultant to the project, @capitanart - who is another to follow for updates:

The goal of Tau is to create a supermind, to solve the limitations inherent in human communication on a large scale.

Able to deduce consensus and understand discussions, Tau can generate and execute code automatically based on consensus, through a process known as code synthesis. This will greatly accelerate the production of knowledge and streamline most of the large-scale collaborative efforts we can imagine in today's world.

~ The Superminds

~ design credit: @overdye


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@rok-sivante, Yes, initially most of the people underestimated Bitcoin and Etherium but when they showcased the capability and usability of the project then many adopted the Bitcoin and Etherium Sphere.

Sometimes may be project is really great but, we have to move with more Practical Knowledge and that means, just the vision is not vital but all components are important for sure because if all components are sounding then the chances of growth of particular project will going to increase.

Most important point or aspect is the team and that is because we are not aware who is behind it then we are walking with closed eyes. We have to analyse the team, their experience and their expertise. Experience is really important because Crypto Sphere is super dynamic and when we have strong team then for sure crisis period can be handled more effectively.

And for sure this era is blessed because now Crypto and Blockchain Technology brought real Revolution and in my opinion it's the revolution of development of usability and ideas, means now communities can launch their own token as per their own usability, so this kind of economy and opportunities were never before.

And i strongly believe that, there is no looking back from here. There will be ups and downs at times when the nature of one Economy is dynamic but we have to grow in this economy while supporting great and revolutionary projects so that inturn those projects can bring great vibes and opportunities in the Economy.

And good to hear about this project, and what i really liked is, as written, it's usability have the vast range means, it can be usable in many fields and streams. And i hope that this project will do effective job.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Lol i even forgot that I did the logo contest thing. Really not much to look forward to after getting to know Tau. Even if it works only at 10% as expected, it'll be good enough..


Really not much to look forward to after getting to know Tau.

Haha. I’m definitely biased as an investor in Agoras, though statements like that - especially coming from smart cats like yourself - is like music to my ears.

Only other project I’ve come across that’s captured my interest to the same degree is Earth Dollar. Other than these two, I really haven’t been too enthusiastic about anything else in the space since first finding Steemit.

That thread is a GREAT resource for Tau logos!

Dang, I'm cancelling all my sell orders on AGRS. The value of getting new things done with the help of the resource you helped describe is far too high to just sell for money.

Hi rok. The guy that came up with this is so far ahead with his forward thinking it is crazy. Communication and getting one 's thoughts and input from hundreds of people at a time will solve many issues over a far shorter period than one is used to. It is far too complex for me to totally understand where and how but obviously it will be massive in the future. I have never seen something or heard of anything that even comes close to what they are working on. Very interesting and thought provoking read. Thank you.



Your welcome. 🙏

Very comprehensive. Mentioning me - an honor, sir!


Would have been incomplete without. :-)



Thank you very much for this article, a detail by your mention


Your welcome. A pleasure to serve the project and give credit where due. ☺️

My little grasp of Tauchain after reading few of Dana Edwards articles - it is a highly complex, collaborative system using AI that seeks to create a chain around real life problems and problem solvers while getting actively involved in the process

Am beginning to see its potential a little but still need to read up all the articles for a better understanding

That said, I agree with @karov & @kevinwong !

@rok-sivante, what you put up here as help to explained the project to the finish line. We know for sure that a lot of hype have been running in the world . In fact, the crypto world is running on hype itself but this sound like good project. I will love to digress more into it and understand it properly but i must say, i don't think any body need more explanation as you have just done the needful.

I dropped a message for you for some time now, i am still waiting for reply

Thank you for the incredible information your kindhearted friend @rok-sivante

looking interesting boss .

I'll definitely check out this coin... Check every thing about it and perhaps invest if possible.

Still holding on to it since you told me about it early this year yo