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Yesterday, a woman walks into my shop yesterday and asks if we accept donations. Sometimes people phrase things weird so I asked if she meant if we purchased items. She told me that she was going to donate them to Goodwill if I didn’t want them. I told her to bring the goods in for a peek.

So she waltzes in with 3 boxes containing 40 Funko Pops and an Overwatch Widowmaker statue. She said she was moving and just wanted to shed some things she didn’t care for anymore. Now most of the Pops here are nothing special...but there are still 40 of em with a handful being lower tiered exclusives. The funny thing is I am out of the majority of this lot. I need about 30 of the 40 for the floor.

I told her I’d give her something and she said it wasn’t necessary...but I couldn’t in good conscious do that. So I dug into my pocket and counted out what cash I had on me. I knew the amount wasn’t anything crazy but it was at least better than the $0 set would have gotten elsewhere. I had 3 $20 dollar bills and 2 singles. That was it. $62 measly bucks is what I offered her and she seemed thrilled at that which I found odd.

I mean...these are collectibles and while none were gold pieces, there is still SOME value there. I always wonder why folks don’t just take the time to sell these things themselves as they will always make more than bulking it out to a shop...or in this particular case...trying to donate em.

Oh, there the statue as well. We actually sold one of these in our shop a few months back. Retail price is $150. It’s a really pretty piece and while Overwatch’s popularity has decreased a bit in recent months, it’ll move eventually. I mean...look at this!?! It’s a beauty!


So all in all, the $62 dollar breaks down to us paying $1.51 a piece as there are 41 pieces in total. We will sell 2 of these Pops and be up moolah. While we won’t get rich off the deal, it’ll easily bring us $700-$900 bucks once all is said and done. Not too shabby for something that was thought to initially be equal to garbage by its previous owner.


I always wonder why folks don’t just take the time to sell these things themselves as they will always make more than bulking it out to a shop

It's because most people still wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat, with their asshole puckering up in terror from the experience of trying to sell shit on Ebay and dealing with shitty buyers/scam artists.

That sounds almost as good as the scores @steemmatt gets from his 'street cleaning'.

That's a great way to run a business. People give you valuable things for free and then you make a profit. I need a shop like that.

Good things sometimes happens to good people...You picked up some cool stuff you can make use of...She cleared out some clutter and got $62 smackers! A win win.

Amazing deal sir blewitt, good for you guys!

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