Epic art of "DROPS OF MATTER"

in #collarativeartjourney5 years ago (edited)

hello, I will show you another great creation of mine, of course to create this beautiful design, take the basis of the image of @everlove, this was made of my own style, lasts almost an hour to do it, of course and another to finish the details final, I like to do this kind of work, I just opened the photoshop and played my favorite music and started thinking about something unique, I hope you liked it.

this image that you see here below is the original image

I do like it! I love all those tiny details and the swirly bits that remind me of Christmas ribbon candy! I also love that you enjoyed so much doing it and sat with your music in enjoyment of the creative process--a great artists' blessing!

I am curious though, what is "halgo"?

hello @everlove, this Halgo? jejej confused me in words, as mensione in my last post I'm bad for English and I'm very wrong, I wanted to say something, I'm sorry for not speaking, because that's bad in English and well, anyone can be wrong

We can all be "wrong". I thought perhaps there was a thing called "Halgo". I was just hoping to learn something new!

I'm glad you liked my design.

Sometimes when I'm a little distracted I'm wrong in many things :-) [X_X]

And right in soooooooo many others!

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