The Warrior Mentality: Controlled and Purposed Action in a Post Collapse Combat Situation

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This article is not for the faint of heart, but there is an important point to it that needs to be the central focus. The focus is simple: We are a nation founded by citizen-soldiers who did not win freedom or liberty playing Yahtzee. They won it by fighting. When the time comes, the citizens of this country will need to fight again. If you don’t believe that, then you don’t believe that there is nothing new under the sun…and you don’t believe that what happened before will happen again.

I have written many articles on a wide variety of subjects from woodcutting to weightlifting, from herbal remedies to first aid. Many times, I wished to go into greater detail regarding subjects of a military nature or pertinent to combat, but I am limited by the amount I can write: books can be written on the subjects, and we’re trying to introduce readers to concepts. These will get you started…if you do something with them after reading them.

It is what you do with these concepts and articles that will determine how successful they will be in your employ.

That being said, there will be a time to fight. I want to emphasize a concept known in the Army as “Violence of Action.” This covers precise, measured action…not a berserk, uncontrolled frenzy…but a purposed delivering of the most hurtful response you can muster in a home defense.

Your culture…our culture…is based on authoritarian rules of conformity that (at times) instigate complacency during an emergency. “Wait on the authorities,” or “call the police,” or that ambiguous “someone will take care of it.” No. That “someone,” when the SHTF, will be you. Successful actions depend on a good follow-through.

All of the articles I have written on physical conditioning, weight training and basics on combat both with a weapon and unarmed…. all of these are your “basics” to build off. I have suggested different works to read to learn about the warrior mentality and ethos. Why? Why all of this preparation and development of the warrior mentality?

Because it is the warrior mentality that you will need to make it through, and protect you and yours.

Let’s cover a few concepts that can further your preparations…thoughts to consider.

  1. You are going to be faced with a deliberate decision: to act or not to act when it hits the fan. This may take several forms: escape from a large city or suburb and fleeing to somewhere out of a target zone…with dangers along the way.
  2. In a SHTF situation, the resultant frenzy that begins 24-48 hours later (or even sooner) may force you to fight…and “Marquis of Queensbury Rules” will not be honored by those storming your house and front lawn.
  3. Fight or Flight: you must weigh the threats and see which are viable…that you will have to confront immediately, or that it is best to withdraw from. Discretion is the better part of valor.
  4. Are you “finger-drilling it,” or is it for real? Are you ready…really prepared physically, mentally, and yes, spiritually…to act? On behalf of you and your family? There: it’s the next door neighbor trying to jimmy your back door open with a crowbar, and his two sons with rifles behind him. Are you ready for them? Or are you going to“offer some of them your canned jellies, preserves, and fruity treats” from your larder?
“Finger Drilling” is a term we had in the Special Forces Medical Course. One of the instructors was a skinny black guy who had served in Vietnam named Mr. R.V. Johnson. He was a stickler for taking real pulses and really assessing the patient in a primary survey…not just playing the scenario with taking a “fake” pulse or seeing clear breathing when the patient was told to simulate sonorous breath sounds. “Finger Drilling” was just going through the motions.

Are you going through the motions, or are you really preparing for what you’ll have to do...fight to protect your home and family?

  1. Take action on your training program…of marksmanship, of hand-to-hand combat, of physical conditioning. Take the action now. Train with the heavy bag, train with family members. Resolve yourself to carry out the defense of your family…in a controlled, purposed manner…with the violence of action and follow-through. No finger drilling. Resolve yourself to prepare.
Resolve yourself to fight, and when you do? Resolve yourself to win. Mentally preparing yourself to face the challenge is just as big a part of it as the actual engagement is. Review all of your materials, find a good instructor or training partner and get to work. We’re getting “long in the tooth,” and winter is getting ready to arrive in a short time. Utilize every task of physical labor to prepare you physically and mentally. We have a fight coming in the United States. It won’t be in a foreign land on CNN. It will be in our backyards and at our front doors. Now is the time to prepare…so that you can fight that good fight well…and win.

“Winning isn’t everything…it’s the only thing.” - Vince Lombardi

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