An Empty World

in cold •  last year 

I still remember it so clearly and so in detail,
that cold, dark night where heaven would not stop crying,
when you want to look into your eyes,
take your hand for the last time,
at that instant he begged for life
to leave me eternally by your side,
but life and death are just dividing
by a thin thread,
as well as love and oblivion,
I can't say that you're dead,
I can't say that you're alive,
I can't scream hatred,
I cannot implore oblivion,
I just know that right now
my heart feels empty,
he feels that nothing shelters him and fills him with peace,
my hand is now waiting for another hand
and the storm that covers my world
she is now the good companion,
I'm surrounded by walking corpses,
men and women who come and go,
who have their own storm,
who have their own death,
my eyes are closed for the moment,
I don't look for drawn smiles,
I'm looking for tattooed smiles,
because those really hurt and are valued.



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