Why My Posts (almost) Always End With a Picture of a Silver Coin

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You might notice that I paste a picture of a silver coin at the end of my posts. The reason is a bit vain I suppose, but there is also a practical reason as well.

Part of the reason I leave a picture of a silver coin at the end of my posts is because it's a coin that I have in my collection, and it acts as a kind of signature to show that I wrote the post and its original.

The other reason comes down to showing others what coins I think are good to have in one's collection. You might see a lot of Canadian Mint coins, and that's only because they have the highest quality standards in the world, always minting at 99.99%, medical grade silver. Honestly, any coin minted under the British commonwealth (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, etc) are always really nice looking coins, and the selection of coins these mints produce are plentiful. That's not to say coins minted in the USA aren't high quality, or anywhere else, but the selection of high value coins is limited in the US to older coins from the previous two centuries, and a lot of newer US eagles have issues with milk spots from the detergent being used in the coin production.

One of the things about the coins you see at the end of my posts, is that they're just stock photos I find online of the coins I have, because I keep my coins sealed in capsules and its hard to get the right lighting for a good picture.

But here is proof of the most recent coin I displayed at the end of my last post, a coin that I recently bought. Anything with dragons on it is hard for me to resist lol.



As you can see, real silver in normal lighting has a luster all its own. It's no wonder the best mirrors are made with a silver backing, while cheap mirrors use aluminum.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and keep your head up.


How much would a Person have to pay in "Pounds" for that Ounce of Silver that says it's 2 Pounds...???

October 9, 2019... 15.6 Hollywood Time...

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