7 Moon Faucets on Coinpot Faucet List [2020 Updated]

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All Moon Faucets on One Coinpot Faucet List

In addition You can get much more details about coinpot moon faucets below.

However, you can use this complete coinpot faucet list right now. Before you start using moon faucet sites, remember to save this page in your browser beforehand. In short links to all moon faucets will take you from this site.

Moreover, the following collection moon faucets is updated for 2020.

Bitfun5 minClaimRead
MoonBit5 minClaimRead
BonusBTC15 minClaim
MoonBCH15 minClaim
MoonLTC5 minClaim
MoonDash5 minClaim
MoonDoge5 minClaim

Is Coinpot co legit?

I happened to read a lot of reviews about Coinpot moon faucets. In fact, it was very difficult to find objective opinions about faucet sites on coinpot or about coinpot.co in general.

For example, I found a lot of different opinions about coinpot faucet sites on trust pilot platform. Therefore, below are some opinions from coinpot users:

  1. The payout takes very long time and this site is not very trusted anymore i think.
  2. Typical casino style app. You might get a couple of thousand coins and even win a little when you stake 1 or 10, but as soon as you stake 100 or 1000 it turns up in Coinpot favor every single time.
  3. Coinpot is still paying!!!!! I withdrew litecoin like 2 days ago
    It's completely legit!!!!!
  4. I just made a deposit of 1760 dogecoins. It works just fine. Also made a several withdraws without of problems.
  5. I'm honestly sorry for the first review @coinpot.co you remain the best!!!! Much love!!!! I'll be for-ever loving you!.‍♂️‍♂️❤❤❤

As you can see, opinions about coinpot and moon faucets are vary widely. In addition, as an active user of Coinpot, I can admit that there are many things you can find on the coinpot platform that could be improved.

On the other hand, Coinpot and moon faucets have many more advantages on which you can earn quite well.

Therefore, in order not to be groundless, I have created my own
review about coinpot.co and moon faucet sites in general.

Hopefully my review about coinpot platform will provide you a broader view on how to get passive income from coinpot faucets.

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