Coinpot Faucet List 2020 – Coinpot Review Is SCAM OR LEGIT?

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Wlcome in Coinpot Faucets Review 2020 !

Attention! Please, install CryptoTab Browser to mine & get additional BTC satoshi for browsing websites and faucets from the list below.

If you want to collect cryptocurrencies from many different sources on one Coinpot microwallet, a Coinpot Faucet List has been presented below.


  1. Bitfun

  2. MoonBit

  3. BonusBitcoin

  4. MoonLiteco

  5. MoonBCH

  6. MoonDash

  7. MoonDoge


Few Easy Steps to Earn 1000000 BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, ETH & Dogecoin satoshi:

1a. Create few wallets for various cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, ETH & Dogecoin) on Your PC

Here are links to authorized websites that offer desktop or android wallet for most popular cryptocurrencies:

Coinomi Desktop & Android Wallet for all cryptocurrencies

2a. Choose one faucet from the coinpot faucets list below, (ex BitFun Faucet - Bitfun.
Please click on Withdraw tab and put the address of your bitcoin wallet which You have installed before.
You can also try simple tutorial on how to install & set-up Coinomi desktop wallet, to get Bitcoin address.

3a. Now You have Your own Coinpot account which is related to your e-mail address.

Now all you have to do is add your email address to the other faucets from the Coinpot Faucets List below and you can already collect funds to your Coinpot microwallet

4a. If you want to withdraw funds accumulated on Coinpot You can also add Your BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, ETH & Dogecoin addresses (from Your desktop wallets), to Coinpot microwallet account.

Now You can go to BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, ETH & Dogecoin Coinpot Faucets List 2020 and start to claim free cryptocurrencies without any spending your own money.

Moreover, You can get more info about Coinpot Faucets.

If you need a more advanced tutorial, please visit complete coinpot tutorial and watch the videos about how to get coinpot passive income.


After reading My Coinpot Review 2020 You will understand how Coinpot works.

CoinPot is it is already well known cryptocurrency microwallet, because it has been on the market for at least two years. Is designed to collect and combine faucet payouts and earnings. Coinpot eranings can be collected from a number of different faucets – such as Bitfun.

CoinPot wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies: bitcoin (BTC), bittcoin Cash (BCH), dogecoin (DOGE), dash (DASH) and litecoin (LTC).
The microwallet coinpot has released even its own tokens, which accumulate in the wallet if we collect funds from Coinpot Faucets List 2020.

Withdrawal options include other microwallets XAPO, Faucet Hub, Faucet System and direct to your desktop wallet via the blockchain. (NOTE: You have to collect min. 10000 satoshi from faucets if You want to withdrawal your income to other wallet).

Collecting 10 000 satoshi to withdrawal your crypto from coinpot is very easy, because coinpot has options for converting from one cryptocurrency to another as well as options for converting coinpot tokens into cryptocurrencies.
In addition to the coinpot faucets list, can also bring you quite a lot of money in crypto-coins, coinpot wallet also has mining options.

This means that we can use the CPU, laptop or smartphone to mining crypto-currency. Mined crypto-currencies appear directly on our Coinpot account.

From my experience, I know that keeping crypto on a micro-wallet such as a coinpot is quite safe, because Coinpot has 2FA options (two-factor authentication on your account)

I've been trading cryptocurrencies for a coinpot for over a year and I have never had a problem with Coinpot micro-wallet. That's why I can easily say that coinpot micro-wallet is worth to recommend.

What are CoinPot tokens and HOW CAN I GET COINPOT TOKENS ?
There are several ways that you can increase your CoinPot Tokens balance...

FAUCETS: Use any of our supported faucets - for each individual faucet claim you will earn 3 CoinPot Tokens, and for each claim made by any of your referrals you will earn 1 CoinPot Token.

MINING: You can mine CoinPot Tokens in exactly the same way that you can mine any of our other coins directly in your browser

CONVERT: You can use conversion system to convert from your other coins to CoinPot Tokens - the exchange rate will fluctuate similar to how it does with the other coins.


There are also several things that you can spend your CoinPot Tokens balance on...

CONVERT: You can use our usual conversion system to convert your CoinPot Tokens into any of other coins - the exchange rate will fluctuate similar to how it does with the other coins.

LOTTERY: Coinpot have created a new hourly lottery where you can win more CoinPot Tokens. The prizes given out each hour include all the tokens used to buy tickets plus an extra 1000 tokens donated by CoinPot to each round! AND MORE! We are working on more ways for you to use your CoinPot Tokens in the future, including being able to exchange them for gifts/gift cards and more games like the lottery!

Seeing how rapidly the structure of the Coinpot company is developing, We can assume that in the future the value of coinpot tokens will increase significantly.

Thank you all for reading my Coinpot Review 2020 and also for using the links that I placed on this article. The income collected on STEEMIT is for me support and further motivation to create even more interesting content.


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