Why Cryptocurrency Is Important to Me

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Hey Steemians, today I am taking part in @coingecko's why crypto is important to me writing contest

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Why is crypto important to me?

Since the age of 9, I have been interested in computers, in fact, at that age, I learned to program in visual basic, although not having any prior experience with computers.

Anyhow, the first time I 'experienced' crypto, I didn't really know, this was finding the 'Be your own bank' chrome plugin which caught my interest with a slogan like that. I couldn't understand how it worked and quickly gave up :( (I could have had bitcoin at like $20).

Many years later I found this website which gave out crypto for surveys, now, me being under the age to have PayPal and not having a card, this was like oooh... so I can has money now?

Through this site, I made a healthy amount of bitcoin (~0.01 + when bitcoin was ~$200) which I immediately spent on stuff like domains for making websites through NameCheap who accept bitcoin for payments among other things. It really felt awesome to be able to buy stuff online.

At this point, this address is long gone and I have lost the Electrum wallet it was in, but it was empty so I can't be mad (and it's kinda my fault for not backing it up).

The next crypto I got into was dogecoin, with money from that same survey site, which I either spent or lost the private key to :(. Tbh I've lost waaaay too many private keys to really admit, even forgetting usernames for online wallets.

Then, after years of looking for better ways to make money online, an ad popped up for steemit or it came up in some search, and of course I signed up (On January 1st 2018) and have made the majority of my money from @utopian-io posts, earning around $40 a pop for my login tutorial series, amongst other projects. Another important thing about crypto is that I have managed to have a platform to base my code around and build for, this is how Steemit AllPosts and Steemit Benefactors Came to be, the first one for looking up steemit author's older posts quicker with tag filtering, and benefactors to split post rewards and create custom permalinks for your posts!

Really I have to thank the blockchain for a lot, look forward to many more years with the blockchain!

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Warning: for saying that I'm now gonna get beaten up by steem ($0.812989), but really I like them both equally, I just have enjoyed dogecoin for longer #memories!

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