Why Cryptocurrency Is Important to Me?

Why Cryptocurrency Is Important to Me

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Let me start this with, I don't know what cryptoccurency is back in 2015. My brother introduced to me about bitcoin and how it was used as an alternative currency and also I was Invited to invest to a MLM program that the currency was using is bitcoin. Although, i don't know what bitcoin is, I jump to the boat just hearing the testimonies of how they got money.

It start in the early of the year 2016 that I research what are the investment of bitcoin. I fall on many hype investment that leads me of losing money but I manage to counter that loss and still earn through hyip Sites. Then it was in the early year of 2017 that I meet Steemit. It was then that I start trading a lot than normal days. I do trade in the late year of 2016 but still I am involve in many hyip sites. but I am tired of this Hyip scheme and leading me to know of steemit. Since then, I never ever tried to join again in Hyip sites and focus more on trading, blogging, airdrop and bounty sometime.

For now, cryptocurrency is important to me because it gives me freedom to spend and earn money in the internet without border. Cryptocurrency allows me to transact anywhere in the world without hassle and anytime and almost instant to get my money back.

Crypto change my life in the way of living, I can work full time, in home and free from work and job that I don't like. I did work from home since then that I know crypto. Cryptocurrency made me know how to invest. Back then, I did not invest and never know how to invest. Now it change my way of handling money. I invest more than spending.

Crypto is so volatile, so as long as I can, I only withdraw once a month and during the value of bitcoin rise up. Here in Philippines, Bitcoin can be transfer to Coinsph then wihdraw to bank, remittances, gcash and others. I usually withdraw through remittance and gcash.

Steemit became a path of knowing more of how cryptoccurency works. STEEM alongside the other popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Cardano, are some popular crypto in the market. Not to mention Waves that it has a capability also.

Why Redfishcoin?


Redfishcoin was created in waves platform.

But why on Waves?

First, Redfish is the steemit rank of all new steemit users. All new who have less tham 1 million vest or around 490 Steem Power are under Redfish rank.

Redfishcoin is the Backbone of Redfish Community for Redfish Rank in Steemit. Redfishcoin Dignify and unify all New Steemit Users. Creating little Community connect to bigger groups and Linking every users. Helping Fellow Steemit Redfish Rank and Empowering through Our Very Own Token with 1 million Max Supply only

Since Redfish rank cannot give bigger upvotes, it was decided that We give 3%-10% monthly steemit shares to 100 coins minimum holding in their wallet. Redfish continue to give shares since 2017 and it is doing good through all the year.

We hope redfishcoin to be created in SMT as this was the original plan but since SMT was not yet born but anticipated, We already started. All elegible holders receive their payout every 25th of the month.

Why Create redfishcoin?

This is the only way we can give back to the community. To those who believe in us and in awareness of the existence of Steemit Redfish Community.

Visit Redfishcoin HERE

Visit REDFISH at Coingecko

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redfishcoin, got it!

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