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CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency ranking platform. It gives users access to many information and metrics that can aid their investment decision. It uses many metrics mentioned in the first part to rank cryptocurrencies.

In the first part of this series, I listed the numerous metrics used in ranking cryptocurrencies on CoinGecko. They include

  • Market capitalization
  • Development
  • Social media activity
  • All time high price
  • Trading volume
  • Gecko score.

I further discussed the first and most popular metric Market Capitalisation. In this post, I will be discussing the Development, Social media activity, and All-time High metrics that can be used to rank cryptocurrencies.

The Development metric tracks coin public repositories. It monitors the development activities of various cryptocurrencies whose source code are open source and present on GitHub or Bitbucket.

The successful coins you see our there don't become a huge success overnight or mainly due to online promotion. There is a great team of developers backing those coins. They do the core-work to make those coins look good. The developers make sure all bugs, issues are attended to. They also develop new features in a bid to improve the coin which will attract the investors this causing an increase in price.

GitHub is a website where cryptocurrencies/project repositories are hosted. It allows code management of coins and collaboration with other users. The same applies to Bitbucket which is similar to GitHub in functions.

CoinGecko currently tracks each coin via the use of Bitbucket API and GitHub API. This gives CoinGecko the ability to determine the development activities of each coin based on different metrics.

It is believed that the development activities give a hint on how a coin might progress judging from high activities going on in the coin public repository. It can also give a hint on coins to avoid due to low or no development activities over a long period of time. It simply means that such coins are no longer maintained.

The metrics used will be further explained below.
On selecting the Developer option, the ranking is shown in a table format with 9 columns namely

  • #
  • Coin
  • Price
  • Stars
  • Forks
  • Watchers
  • Contributors
  • Commits in the last 4 weeks
  • Code changes

The first 3 columns were explained in the first part of this series. I will explain the remaining parts.
STARS - This is similar to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter likes. It indicates that the users value the work done on the repository. Other users/developers sometimes use this star option to keep track of the coin repository. Starring a repository makes it easy to find again as you can visit your stars page on GitHub to see them. Taking all these reasons into consideration, it's safe to say the star metric is used to like a repository and keep it for future purpose. You can see that Bitcoin currently have 37,057 stars. This shows that developers love what is going on in the Bitcoin repository.

Forks- This is a huge part of any cryptocurrency repository. Forks simply mean you are copying a repository in the hope of improving the coin by modifying the repository or modifying the repository to create your own coin. The more forks a coin repository has means more developers are interested in the source code either to make positive changes to it or create something new out of it. Litecoin is an example of a Bitcoin fork. Bitcoin currently leads the way with 22,077 forks and it shows that Bitcoin source code being open source makes more developers want to contribute to it while others modify it to create their own coin. It shows general acceptance.

Watchers - These shows the number of developers keeping track of the developments going on in the coin source code repository. It is stressful for developers to start checking each and every repository for code changes, bug reports, issues created and so on. That's what the watch feature want to solve. Watchers are notified when there is any new update in the repository. It's a metric that shows the number of people interested in the coin and wants to get early information on potential updates.

Contributors - Just as the name implies, they are developers that propose some changes to the coin open source code repository. The developers will have to create a pull request or issue on the coin repository. Having a huge number of contributors means more developers are out there ready to improve the coin.

Commits in the last 4 weeks - This is just how many changes were made to the coin repository files in the last 4 weeks. You can see HOT coin leads with 1294 commits which indicates a huge amount of activities going on in the repository.

You can also choose to rank coins based on their social media presence. CoinGecko looks at each coin social media presence on Reddit, Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is widely believed that a coin with huge community backing means more growth, high trading volume, and more popularity. It also means that the coin will be open to more innovative developments. This is because the community is likely to suggest new features and ideas that will improve the coin. It also means users especially newbies are likely to get a fast response to any of their questions.

You can rank coins based on the number of their

  • Reddit subscribers
  • Telegram users
  • FB likes, and
  • Twitter followers.

Bitcoin currently leads the Reddit subscribers ranking with over 1 million subscribers while TRX Tron leads both the Telegram and Facebook activities ranking with 82,274 Telegram users and 936,340 Facebook likes respectively.

BCH lead the twitter followers ranking with over 926,000 followers.

It should be noted that certain coins that do not have a verifiable presence on these social media platforms have their count left as 0.

You can also rank coins based on their all-time high price. When you select this option, you are shown 7 columns in the displayed table.

  • #
  • Coin
  • Price
  • All-Time High Price
  • Since All-Time High
  • All-Time High Date
  • Market Cap Dominance
    The first 3 columns have already been discussed in the last part.

All-Time High Price - This is the highest price recorded by the coin. It's a metric that enables users to believe again that the coin can reach the height again. I find this particular metric useful because I can see a coin highest price at a glance rather than checking the coin price history. It saves time and stress.

Since All-Time High - It shows the percentage drop recorded by

the coin ever since it reached all-time high price to the present moment. We are in the bear period and it's not surprising to see most coins in a negative double-figure percent. VET VeChain is the top-ranked coin with losing 100% of its all high value.

All-Time High Date - This is the date the coin reached its all-time high price. A look at some of the coins showed that most of them achieved their all-time high price during the last massive bull run back in January.

The last column shows the market cap dominance of each coin in relation to the market cap of all cryptocurrencies. This is an indication of how each coin affects other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin currently lead with 52.82% market cap dominance which means a rise or fall of Bitcoin is very likely to affect most cryptocurrencies out there.

Comparison with other coin ranking Platform

Coinmarketcap is a huge coin ranking platform that ranks coins based on their market capitalization. When you compare coinmarketcap to CoinGecko, you can see it lacks certain functions that help investors see the innate value in cryptocurrencies.
CoinGecko on the other hand provides a series of metrics that investors can use to do that. It is like a hub where you can find all the details about a particular coin without you needing to visit the coin website for any details. The developers, social media, and all-time high metrics are great tools for investors that deals with technical information.


Metrics like this are only going to spread the CoinGecko word out there.
CoinGeckois clearly the 360-degree market overview of cryptocurrencies. The platform gives in-depth information about each coin and users can feel safe that the information are genuine. CoinGecko is definitely the site to visit for your detailed cryptocurrencies rank.

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