KyberWidget Integration on Coingecko

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Coingecko is a website that provides up-to-date information on cryptocurrencies. It provides its users with real-time prize changes, trading volume and market capitalization of various cryptocurrencies in the market. It also provides a detailed fundamental analysis of the crypto market and enables crypto investors to make an informed investment decision on their favorite cryptocurrencies.

Coingecko has been in operation since 2014 and it’s currently tracking close to 3000 tokens from more than 230 crypto exchanges in the crypto market. For the period that coingecko has been in the crypto market, it has grown to become one of the most sought after websites for up-to-date crypto information and this has prompted the coingecko team to be making constant improvements on the website so as to give its users a wonderful experience.

The most recent improvement made by the coingecko team on its website is the integration of a widget known as the KyberWidget. Coingecko wants to make its users to be able to swap their favorite ERC-20 tokens right there on and it entered into a partnership with the kyber network to integrate its widget on its website so as to make it possible for its users to swap their favorite crypto without leaving the website.

About KyberWidget


KyberWidget is a widget created by a network known as the kyber network. Kyber network is one of the pioneer decentralized exchanges on the crypto-space providing on-chain liquidity. This network already has a proven track record and its partnership with coingecko made it possible for its widget known as the kyberwidget to be integrated on

The KyberWidget will enable coingecko users to be able to swap their favorite ECR-20 tokens there on by following some very simple steps. Transaction with this widget is very fast and secure and the user doesn’t need to register on the website or an exchange before he/she can be able to make transactions with the kyberwidget.

How Does The KyberWidget Works?

Using the kyberwidget is very easy and secure. A user can buy selected ERC-20 tokens from coingecko’s homepage or from a selected ERC-20 tokens page by following these simple steps:

  • On the coingecko homepage, the user needs to scroll down the price of the listed tokens until he/she come across any token with ‘buy/sell and the kyberwidget logo’ written below the price. The user should click on the buy/sell below the price of such token. This is shown in the picture below.


  • Once the buy/sell is clicked, the kyberwidget is going to pop up a page that requires the user to select the tokens he/she wants to swap and fill the required amount. After the tokens are selected and amount filled, the user needs to agree to terms and condition and click on next.


  • On clicking next, the user will be taken to the next page where he/she will be required to connect to his/her crypto wallet by using Metamask to unluck the wallet. The user can also decide to choose the private key option and enter his/her private key. The process is very secure as the website or widget doesn’t store user’s information, so the user has nothing to worry about. If metamask is installed, it'll connect to the user's wallet automatically and all the user needs to do is click on the displayed address to access his/her wallet.


  • The final step is to confirm the transaction and the swap will be made stresslessly without any hitch.

These are just the simple steps in making a crypto swap on with the kyberwidget. The widget currently supports only a few ERC-20 tokens at the moment but steps are being taken by the coingecko team to increase the number of selected tokens that can be swapped with the widget.

With the integration of the kyberwidget on, coingecko users can easily have their favorite tokens without much hassle while still having easy access to the website. This is a very laudable addition to the coingecko website and all I want to say is kudos to the coingecko team that are working tirelessly to give us an awesome experience on its website.

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