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💼Citigroup job ad suggests blockchain initiatives are heating up at the bank

Citigroups' Citi Markets and Securities Services is working on initiatives across the crypto landscape, as suggested by a recent ad uncovered on LinkedIn.

The ad asserts that the bank has a wide-range of crypto clients.

The role would play a "key part" in driving "multiple internal and external engagements," according to Citigroup.


🌴 Iran turns to crypto to enable easier spending by tourists


Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies have recently become hot-button topics in Iran, more so after US sanctions were reimposed.

According to local news source, Tourism companies are accepting cryptocurrencies from tourists as a means of payment.

Although a ban was out in place to restrict national banks from dealing with cryptocurrencies, the Government of Iran is reportedly interested in launching its own national cryptocurrency.


🎁 TOR Digital Privacy Project Accepts Donations in Cryptocurrency

TOR digital privacy software is now accepting donations in various cryptocurrencies.

According to TOR's donation portal, the open source project accepts, BTC, BCH, ETH, DASH, LTC, XMR, XLM, REP and ZEC.

TOR’s crypto donation page encourages users to “stand up for the universal human rights to privacy and freedom and help keep TOR robust and secure.”


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Seeing banks and institutions working on blockchain in general is a great signal of more legitimacy to the technology and potential it represents.

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Thanks to TOR for giving Crypto a chance to itself right!

Thanks @coingecko!

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You forgot one TOR accepts dogecoin too 😉

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The 9 coins above were what we found so far according to the office TOR Donation page at

Do let us know more about how to donate to TOR via Dogecoin. Wow much impress!!


Thank for the inside scoop!

Thanks @coingecko for sharing news update.
I also voted as a witness.

i love and like cryptocurrency and i want to earn cryptocurrency..
thnx for share your update

Its a great opportunity to make this world better 🌍