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Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase just tweeted: "Coinbase Custody continues to add new assets as well, fairly quick turn around based on client interest. Let us know what you'd like to see next."

Let's make some noise and ask them to add STEEM! Right now DGB is beating us out, but I am confident our community can be the loudest!

Go to and add a comment asking Coinbase to list Steem! Add proof of your Twitter comment below for an upvote! Cheers!

Coinbase is the golden goose of exchanges, be sure to let every Steemian you know to contribute!

EDIT: Please bee sure to heart everyone's Twitter comments that are voting for Steem!


Hi Dan. I just wanted to share this screen of the poem/comment I sent to Brian Armstrong's tweet this morning.

Screenshot (382).png

It is inspiring what @jenina619 did creating a piece of art to tweet and it inspired me to utilize my creative talent as a poet in the same way. I also made a new post

where I promote what she has done and encouraging other artists and writers of steem to follow suit to really drive the message home to the coinbase team that we are a unique community blockchain with added value in the talent of the community as well as the utility of one of the fastest fee-less cryptocurrencies of any blockchain.

Anyway, thanks again for all you do for steem every day.

You are incredible!!!! Love your cryptopoem🤗💙💙💙 I'm sure Brian will add Steem now!!😉🍀🍀

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I love your optimistic attitude!


And I love your comment!!! Ehehehhh Thank You so much!

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Hahaha there is a lot of love in the air in this post 😂😂😂

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Thanks again Jenina.

I'm becoming very hopeful now that all of our efforts might have done enough. We're only 4 comments behind the main competition at this point, I spent some time counting them all.

Fingers crossed 🤞

our competitors don't have amazing art, fantastic creative GIFs... or poetry. #steem 4theWin 😃

Art & poems, how can we lose! It is a very close race, let's see if Steemians can find their second wind!

Art & poems, how can we lose! It is a very close race


I've got my fingers crossed and I do think that the creativity and enthusiasm of all the comments from steemians on that post trump the digibyte ones.

I've nothing against any other legit crypto project, but I read some comments saying things like 'digibyte... how long are you going to ignore us' etc. I didn't see anything but positivity from steemians comments 🙂

Found this post thanks to @raj808<

Retweeted, liked the other tweets and commented. Let's make this happen!


YAY Meike! 😎


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Love it, resteemed brother. Not on tweeter currently.

Commented earlier to Brian and I just remembered to share it here.

Billion thanks to @raj808 for the heads up and spreading the love!

All initiatives to market Steem I 100% give my full support!

Tweeted, fingers and toes crossed that Steem will get listed.


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