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As some people may be aware, myself and @theycallmedan spearheaded a marketing push on Thursday to get steem listed on coinbase.

When I woke up this morning I was full of ideas about how to keep the momentum for this twitter marketing drive strong. Inspired by @jenina619 art work which she has posted to the coinbase tweet I suddenly realized that she has the right idea so I decided to write a poem inspired by steem. I have tweeted this poem in the comments section of Brian Armstrong's tweet and it would be great to see more of the talented creative writers and artists of steem do similar. Lets showcase our talent and creativity to coinbase and the world.

If we can showcase our creative talents to Brian Armstrong and the Coinbase team, we have a better chance at making them realize how unique steem blockchain is in the crypto world.

Check out @jenina619 post below, it is awesome.

Screenshot (381).png

Click to visit post

If you would like to get involved in this marketing drive, I urge you to visit Brian Armstrong's (CEO of Coinbase) post which you can find (please see link below) and reply to the tweet with some reasons why steem shows utility/value and why it should be listed on coinbase. Include the hashtag #steem.


If you would like some rewards for this activity, please comment with screenshots of your tweet on both mine and Dan's posts for upvotes.

My post: Tweet for Steem to be Listed on Coinbase & Vote Rewards


Dan's post: Help Get Steem On Coinbase!

Thanks for checking out my post and joining us in this push to get steem listed on coinbase.

If you have enjoyed this reading this blockchain poem and promotional post, you can check out similar work on my homepage @raj808. Thank you.







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I put in my vote for steem. Took the Musician line with it and good to see the #powerhousecreatives in full force!

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Thanks for jumping onboard Nik. I appreciate what you've done tweeting and especially highlighting the musical talent that they're is on steem. Showing all our diverse creative talented content creators is the strategy I think will win us the listing, if it happens 😉

Anyway, I'll be hitting your comment with a fat vote when my VP recovers. I know you're probably not fussed but it's in my nature to always live up to my promises.

I was actually thinking of messaging you on discord as I had a question I wanted to ask you. I'll hit you up on there some time later today.

Thanks again for your tweet 🙂

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Hey Rowan, you're welcome. I know we have had our debates about it and even though I can't turn a blind eye to the obvious issues, I can do more about focusing on the positives this platform has going for it.

There is a lot of potential, you look at the development of it vs other "clones" or "forks" and you see its far ahead. I mean, I am messaging you via a phone app that I don't think exists on these clones yet.

I appreciate the thought about the upvote, it's not necessary though, that's not why I commented!

Yes send me a message whenever on Discord, sounds mysterious and exciting haha


There is a lot of potential, you look at the development of it vs other "clones" or "forks" and you see its far ahead. I mean, I am messaging you via a phone app that I don't think exists on these clones yet.

Absolutely, I am a firm believer in the potential of steem as one of the winners, long term, of blockchain tech.


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I Resteemed!!!👍🏻😁🌟💙🍀 Love it😉

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Ha ha, right back at you hun. Thanks for the resteem, I've just done the same 🌷😁😎


Aahah thank you again🌹🤗 lol😁

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I like the poem! How's the back? I see you're still active. No matter what, you keep trucking :) I admire that!
I'm a big Steem promoter on Twitter. A couple of times I've done Facebook...Not really comfortable in that environment. I'll read this post carefully and see if I can improve my social media impact. Right now, have to finish coffee and wait for my neck muscles to relax. Too much blogging :)


Hi @agmoore

The back is improving and a lot quicker than last time the disc bulged, thanks for asking.

No matter what, you keep trucking :)

Yep, that's me lol to stubborn to do anything else 😅 Hey, if you fancy doing me (and the chances of getting steem listed) a favor just visit this tweet:


and write a short response. Something like:

"I'm a writer on #steem. It is an active community of content creators who use steem every day as a currency. I'd like to see #steem listed on coinbase so that more people can access the steem economy."

Something like that (in your own words) which simply highlights the utility. I'm not sure coinbase will care about how talented a lot of the different artists, film makers and writers are on steem. This poem thing was just an idea, it's good to follow your passions. But one thing I do know, in regards to listing a crypto, coinbase care about utility and volume so that they can make money from fees lol

Steem hits many of the things they want to see, but maybe it isn't traded as much as some other coins. But if they can be convinced of the fact that the constant in and out flow of steem from content creators taking rewards to fiat, to developers and other interests buying steem to increase their stake and influence, then they'll see that they'll get plenty of profit from steem listing.

Hey, I hope your neck is better? I've just started a pint mug of coffee then I'm thinking of going out for a walk in the sun 😁


When you ask a writer to write, be prepared for the ink to flow :) I wrote a three-part reply, sincere and from the heart. Hope it helps. It certainly is sincere.
I'm glad you're better...I'm great. Ready to work.


I just saw them and liked them all. Thank you for doing that. Three very well put arguments for why steem is 'above and beyond' the best chioce. Funnily enough a lot of what you said mirrors stuff I talked about in my 'steem 3 year anniversary' post this morning.

Thanks again.

You're an AWESOME Crypto~Poet!!!😄☄ I love it!!!👍🏻💙🌟 Thanks a lot for featuring my artwork too! It's so cool my actions inspired you and now Armstrong has no escape ahah😉 now he knows Steem community is awesome!👐 Hope to hear those good news soon eheh fingers crossed!🤞😅🎉🎉🎉🎉

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Thanks so much Jenina. I'm so happy that my creative talent can help to give us a better chance to get listed. And I'm happy to showcase your post and art as part of my post. I'm also a story writer, and it helped to tell the story of what we're all doing on twitter with this marketing to reference both your and Dan's posts.

When I put my original post up on Thursday morning asking people to go and tweet for steem I never could have imagined so many people getting behind it. And a big part of that is Dan's post encouraging people also. Things that people do inspire others and so the virtuous cycle continues.

I feel like this is one of the awesome powers of steem. For artists, poets, writers, musicians etc all over the world, we can use our talent and creativity in new ways that traditionally haven't been done much before. But I guess you know very well the impact that steem can have to change people's situation being from Venezuela.

Ha ha, I've started waxing philosophical 😉 Thanks again for being so awesome

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Awesome words😊
And Yes! Steem has really been a lifesaver for so many in my country! In my case it has just bring tons of positive things!!!

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I have added my own contribution and been working my way through hearting tweets promoting #Steem


Thank you for the Witness vote as well, I really appreciate it and put as much time as I can into supporting people and communities throughout the Blockchain and of course promoting Steem


Thank you for tweeting @c0ff33a and for hearting as many #steem support comments on Brian Armstrong's tweet as you can. I really appreciate it and it is great to have another witnesses voice in the mix supporting this drive. I think there are 2 or 3 other steem witnesses who have also tweeted so far.

It would be so cool and beneficial to steem if we managed to pull this off.

P.s. thank you also for the retweet as I know this will help spread the word. I had a spare vote and I used it to vote your witness.

Thanks again 🙂

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Thanks again Pennsif 👍

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Excellent initiative. I wish I had more time on my hands. I'd write up something awesome. I'll keep an on this though. It would be cool to see #STEEM on Coinbase.


No worries m8. I think we are in the top place as of this evening. I have done a comprehensive count yet like I did last night but 6-7 new comments have been dropped which boosts us up above the competition as we were 4 behind :)

Fingers crossed eh :)

@raj808 All the best, let's go full STEEM ahead!! ((:

Honestly, whenever I'm faced with FUD about Steem, I just look at the vibrancy and positivity of this community and I lose my fears.

I don't use Twitter much at all though. Any other way I can help?


Go, baby, GO! :) Love the poem @raj808