Got Some Free Crypto From Coinbase

in coinbase •  5 months ago 

Who knew that you could get some free money from coinbase. Well, I was told about it a while ago but just never got around to doing it. They are giving out Basic Attention Token and Stellar Lumens. I think that there's also two other coins, and I'm on the waitlist for those.

It's $10 of each that you can get. The Lumens are only for US residents outside of New York though, but if you are global or live in New York, you can still claim the $10 of BAT. It took me about 20 minutes to complete it, and I got the crypto. I immediately sold the XLM because servers(half of what I'm doing right now is trying to pay for servers haha) and with PayPal and its extra fee, I got the money in my bank account in another 5 minutes. So today was a pretty good day for that. Its not much, but helps pay for the damn servers. Now I get to enjoy the smooth sailing of wondering how to get more money for server until the end of May. Then I get to start all over again. Then again, I could stop discounting them, but eh, I like to be nice.

So if you want to join in, use my ref code and get me an extra $10. I'll sure thank you.

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I just did the get free BAT, but it tells cannot sell in my country.🤯

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Wow. Try converting it to BTC(or BTC Cash as trx fees are cheaper) and then withdrawing that to convert to another coin or send to somewhere you want to sell from. Or use blocktrades to put it in STEEM.

What I really wanted to do was get to STEEM anyways. Never used coinbase before. I will see if I can convert to something I can transfer to Blocktrades. You think BTC Cash has lowest fees?

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Yea, compared to BTC, its fees are insanely low.

Thanks, I will learn how to do it LOL 🤯

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Just realized converting BAT right on coinbase isn't possible yet. Hmm, living in Canada has made things harder. Hopefully they enable it, or you can try and find an exchange that has BAT and exchange there.

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Did it a month or so ago.. I like the idea and want to see more of this pay for our attention to learn/PR/sell us something

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