There are so many coins and they depend on luck, marketing, development, and a ton of different factors. I don't think that analysis of graphs alone is anything but a guess game unless we are talking about large changes in already very popular coins where market is already huge and pure statistics come into play. This coin is around #300 and there are hundreds of other coins there with probably very similar graphs. With 1000 positive "predictions" there is a good chance that at least some of them will be true.

Yet educated guesses using the ubiquitous Fibonacci principle keep working for people disciplined enough to stay diversifiedFibonacci-Sequence.jpg Just to build on what you're saying about so many variables to consider, in this quantum universe we can also draw on the intelligence of the “enteric brain” in the gut which is scientifically proven to have more neuronal connections than the brain in the skull. Investigators, surgeons, judges, and investors for example rely on these “gut feelings” along with their intelligent studying

I bought some CFI at about half it's ATH and then the January/February dip crashed it pretty hard, but as you say in the video, I don't get emotional over cryptos. I'm a "shit happens" kind of guy. So be it, I will hold CFI until I'm in a profit. Life goes on.

You know, I've never even been "middle class" in this life, and many years could be considered poor, living month to month. What I chose to invest in cryptos is an opportunity that has come into my life that I never had before. New hopes, new goals. My portfolio is "even" (some ups, some downs) through the Jan/Feb dip, which means that with patience, I might actually get control of my financial life more so than ever before when the total market cap gets back toward it's ATH. Life has prepared me for the emotional discipline it takes to be invested into cryptocurrencies. So, not to sound as a broken record, but my friends, don't sell any of your cryptos at a loss. This market is a sprouting seedling meant to eventually grow into a giant sequoia.

Thanks, as always, haejin for your analysis.

Great comment. It sounds like you are on the right track. To steal haejin's line. I wish you massive profits!

Anybody doubting @haejin's global reputation and brand?

Listen to this, video found and posted by @johndogett ,where @haejin is mentioned and acknowledged at 55:20 minutes.

The man @haejin is just good, and i (we) are proud to learn from him

The man @haejin is just good, and i (we) are proud to learn from him

Yeah, the man is good at drawing colorful triangles all while his fantards are busy at sucking the master's dick.

It was better when the introvertdidn'tspeak. A much more cordial welcoming platform back then.

In my minnow opinion you are one of the best and most consistent contributors to Steem. Mahalo for all your hard work and dedication, Steem would lose a lot of followers without you!

Be sure to keep upvoting and commenting and upvoting other good commenters to show your support. There are forces trying to shut haejin down and he needs all the help he can get.

Thanks for letting me farm my curation rewards as a minnow!!!!

LOL, and for your honesty you can have my upvote, that's a whole penny for you right there..

And my less than a penny vote for [email protected] Spend it wisely!lol Steemit hehe

Well, right back at you :)

You say "So when you have two ...." where are you getting this info from? Is there a couple books or statistical analysis in graphic form for a bunch of these graphs?

Great post as usual, Haejin!

Thank you @haejin for sticking with us and continuing to blog on this platform.

The haters don't understand a success story when they see it. You have provided valuable content, built a following, brought followers from other platforms to steemit, encouraged your followers to power up steem power, and powered up steem power yourself.

Every one of those things are incredibly helpful to making the steemit platform successful. It is sickening that you have had to put up with the racist memes, flagging, and general idiocy of people who can't see that steem needs people doing exactly what you are doing so that steem will be successful.

You say it all to well. Thanks for the support to @haejin, and to us.

Thank you for continually standing up for him as well. If we could get 1k of the 25k followers to do the same the haters wouldn't stand a chance.

At least with the market trending up. Haejin's followers will soon have something the haters won't... lots of dispensable income to power up with!

Standing, speaking up, is the least i can do for now.

But i agree, we'll soon have dispensable income to power-up, and become stronger influences in the ranks that stand up for @haejin and the platform.

That time, i have no doubt that in this needless war they are forcing on us, they will be the first to raise the white flag!

Thanks @danpaulson, for the encouragement.

Great Video @haejin !

It's very effective prediction. Thanks man

Have to wait a long time it can just bump

Whoever said that you do not contribute is ridiculous. You are the best! Keep up the good work and thanks for your guidance it is so helpful.

Good news @haejin. Nice .. Please follow me @dians and upvote my post. Thanks

Trolls won’t take you down, Haejin. I really like your instructives videos. Thanks!!

how can i have some?

@haejin - appreciated your take & technical analysis for this ALT Coin - CFI. Do you expect, that this ALT coin would trend sideways & would you set up some type of channel & wait for the breakout, to make your trade?

I did find your post helpful! Any ideas or future predictions would be welcome. Thanks for the post. Followed & resteemed & upvoted. Don't let the haters bring you down, keep on moving forward!


great video

Great information

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Good video

How Korean Mafia Members Milk Steem Coins!
How Korean Mafia Members Hack Steemit! @haejin @berniesanders

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