Need help with coffee brewing methods!

in #coffee4 years ago (edited)

Alright folks, this post is for all the people with some coffee knowledge.

What method / device do you recommend to get the best tasting flat white and latte?

I know it's a matter of opinion blah blah, but I want the opinions so I can make up my mind.

We used to have an Breville coffee machine very similar to this one and it worked great before it decided to die on us after few years - what a waste of money, considering we only used it maybe 1-3 times a week at best and making sure we kept it clean.

Other times we just drank ..... instant coffee ... I know I know, it's blasphemy.

Now I drink pod coffee from Aldi coffee machine which works great and tastes pretty good, but I would like to see other options in case this one dies too.

The only requirement that I have is, it can't take hours just to brew the coffee, 5-10min max and shouldn't cost more then $1,000AUD or there abouts.

Then there is the question, what kind of coffee do I get?
Do I get grounded coffee or whole beans?
Which type works best with a certain method etc.



Chemex is my coffee maker since last year. Taking more time to brew then electric coffee express. Nothing can bet the tase of fresh brew coffee from this brewing system.


BTW This setup cost me $125.

This sounds good, how long do you wait for the coffee?
And what kind of beans do you use?

Cheers for the info :)

I used to have that exact machine. It got clogged and rusted inside. I've got the newer version of it now, and it can be temperamental at times. I have to run a clean cycle every couple of weeks to keep it in tune. It does work really well though, and cost me about $500.

I once managed to do this with it:

Do you want to make the coffee from scratch, or do you want the machine to make it for you? $1000 will get you a pretty good one-button automatic machine, or a really good manual machine.

If you're getting ground coffee, make sure it's not ground too coarsely. If you have a good grinder, go to a cafe and try their coffee out, and if you like it and they sell beans, get from there. The beans you buy do make a lot of difference, and having a good cup at a cafe gives you something to try to replicate at home with the same beans. I'm still working on it...

Oh nice!
Well I think I'd like to do both, start from scratch would be a weekend coffee and automatic would be everyday use.
I used a fully automatic coffee machine at my in laws, just add whole beans, it grinds it for you and make the coffee depending on what you selected, it was pretty near. But the cost is pretty steep.

Just drink tea. Easier.

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