Toronto Coffee Shop Series (#8):Boxcar Social Harbourfront

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As mentioned in my previous post, I decided to create a Toronto Coffee Shop Series to remember the good old days when I can drink coffee.

The cafe I am going to feature this time is Boxcar Social inside the Harbourfront Centre building in the waterfront area of Toronto. I used to live 15 minute walk away from the area, and believe me this area very much needed a cafe like this - it's a gorgeous place to hang out. In particular, its patio overlooks a pond in the summer, which turns into a skating rink in the winter, as well as Lake Ontario beyond that.

This place is not only a coffee shop, it's also somewhere to eat a light meal or to have a drink (Yes, you heard me right, they serve alcohol too!).


I enjoyed a cup of beautifully crafted cappuccino!

The view as mentioned is gorgeous! I sat in front of the large glass window that's facing the pond and the lake.

This independent cafe has several locations and it's a great alternative to the chain coffee shops in the area. The decor and vibe is similar to other Boxcar cafes - sort of industrial feel with mix of wood furnishings. There's plenty of seating, including several long communal tables and patio seating. There's wifi and in the quiet parts of the day, it's an ideal place to read or get some work done.

This place is a solid 9 out of 10, in my opinion. The coffee is always good and the view is absolutely beautiful. Can't argue with this place for the water front setting. It's busy with tourists, locals and lake lovers, but there's always space somewhere.



Oh ya, i think this is Chris’s shop! 3 locations, I haven’t been to either location yet.

Yes, the waterfront location is by far my favourite! I have been to the other 2 locations at Summerhill and downtown financial district. I heard they have a 4th location on Queen St East which I would very much love to check it out!

Oh jeez... I didn’t realize they were killing it this much haha. Awesome!

How r u?

Oh yeah, check out their website. Awhile ago, I signed up for coffee tasting. You also get 1/2 price wine as member.

All is well at my end, just waiting for baby's arrival any time. Have too much time on my hand ... Also following the Ontario Election closely - a tough one to vote for sure!

Saweet half priced wine :)

Glad to hear ur doing well.. if u ever want to fill up some of ur extra time. By all means i could use ur help judging SSC!

I could use ur legendary wisdom to pick the top 1 & 3 and achievement awards 😎 this week..

Sure, of course, that sounds like fun. Will check out this week's entries and message you Tuesday's morning. However, just in case, if you don't hear from me by noon on Tuesday. It is most likely because my baby decides to come. LOL - what can I say, baby is the boss now and we don't really know what he decides to do. But yeah, if you don't hear from me by Tuesday pm, you know the reason :)

Ha oh wow, so anytime now eh!? That’s great. I’ll definitely keep that in mind lol.

Looking forward to hearing ur thoughts on this week’s entries (hopefully)


From the pictures it sure do look like a lovely relaxing place to have coffee.

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