Cold Brew Coffee with an Aeropress

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I've been making coffee with an Aeropress, one cup at a time, for many years now. Recently I discovered, at Starbucks, cold brewed coffee. Instant love. So how to make it? Beginner's mind suggested the obvious solution, so I went to work.

I used my normal two scoops of beans per cup. I use Capulin Coffee. Jungle-grown in Mexico. Cleaned by hand. Never any water, until you add it.

I ground it up, added water and mixed well, covered with a saucer, and refrigerated overnight. Then did the usual Aeropress magic in the morning. Very easy. Very yummy!

Grind the Beans
Grind the beans (I use a KitchenAid burr grinder)

Add Water
Add filtered tap water

Overnight in the Frig
Mix coffee and water and refrigerate overnight

Assemble the Aeropress
Assemble the Aeropress

Pour in the Sludge
Pour in the sludge

Press it through the filter

Clean Your Tools
Clean your tools

Ready to Enjoy


Yes, cold brew is awesome. Good post!

Have you tried nitro coffee yet? Oh my goodness - it's SO good. If you like nitro beers, you'll absolutely love it.

A few places near me have it and you can get it in growlers and in cans. If you get a growler, maybe see if they have a 16 oz one because you need to drink it all within 2-3 days at the most and this stuff is potent... BUT GOOD!

This is the first I've heard of nitro coffee. Whipping coffee by infusing it with nitrous oxide (NO2). Interesting.

EcoWatch: What Is Nitro Coffee

Coming to 500 Starbucks stores this summer: Starbucks Taps in on Cold Brew

Yesterday, I turned on the proprietress of a local espresso bar to cold brew. I made an overnight Capulin/Aeropress brew and took it to her in an insulated travel mug. Also told her about nitro coffee. She may add both to her offerings. Thanks to @tcstix!

Tried Nitro at the local bagel shop. They buy their coffee premade, and put it in the nitro dispenser. It was good, and strong, but I like my home-made cold brew better. Fresh ground Capulin coffee is very hard to beat.

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