Relaxing night watching the ball decorated with a cup of coffee and our typical pastries aceh

in coffee •  5 months ago

Hi all steem friends, all of you are happy to be happy to meet you all in the steemit community, yes on this night's occasion I just want to share my night story very beautifully, and in a cup of coffee, the typical cakes of aceh , there is a marke, a sponge cake, and not lupapula a pack of lucky strike that remains faithful to accompany my night, and sangking delicious nyantai I also again watch the World Cup match Russia russia 2018, the sixteenth round of sweden dealing with switzerland that is currently still a draw 0-0, and pray for your favorites to win ok.




Here's my simple photo, and please be advised

That's all I can post, May the steem friends love

Camera phone xiaomi redmi 5A

Location: Jungka Gajah, Aceh Indonesia

Thank you for your visit and continu @arieazhary.

Warm greetings and meet again in the next post, thank you.

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