Why am I getting downvoted from drugwars

in #codeonsteem3 months ago (edited)


I made this post to know the reason why some of my writeup got 100% downvote from @drugwars. I write about programming and I have no idea what I did wrong to get downvoted, here are the post that got downvoted

I wrote a little post about front-end and Back-end development, I recieved 100% downvote from @drugwars


I also made a post on creating forms in html with my mobile phone and I was downvoted 100%



Please @drugwars kindly remove the downvote, I believe I have not broken any rules. I am just a small fish in the midst of whales trying to grow my steem account, I don't need downvotes but upvotes from accounts like @drugwars, it will surely help my steem account grow. I hope to get responses from @drugwars soon thank you


Hi @zickychris,

We appreciate to see more people talking about development on steem but please make originals posts without stealing the contents from other platforms, and you will never get downvoted from us anymore.

For your posts you have only taken existent text and modified few words and we noticed it. This platform is not the place to make rewards with stolen contents.

If not we will consider it as an abuse and will keep downvoting.
Thanks for your understanding and hopefully you will not do the same mistake next time.

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