What are Front-end and Back-end development?

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What is front-end development?


The frontend of a website is what you see and interact with on your browser. It is commonly designed with three languages-HTML (or Hyper Text Markup Language) which is responsible for creating a markup of your website and letting the browser read it and display it correctly. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the place where we style the html codes and by styling we mean bringing all the colors, backgrounds, font sizes etc. life. JavaScript is the most complex language of all three which enables us to interact with user in form of sliders, drop-down menus, quizzes, and many more interactive elements . The main purpose of front-end development is to interact with user, as well as present the data in a well-defined style.

Behind the scene (Back-end development)


Back-end development is the serverside of a website, where one focuses mainly on how the site works,updates and changes. It is responsible for organising, accumulating and storing data and making sure everything on the front-end is working smoothly and fine. Back-end languages such as , Java, PHP, PYTHON and Ruby on rails helps to interact with the database and are responsible for dynamic results. Back-end developers are mostly concerned about things like security, structure and data management. In a nutshell , back-end communicates with front-end what content should be displayed on the website and what not.


Most developers specialize in either front-end development or back-end development, though there are times for little crossover between the two sections. There are also what's known as full-stack developers who handle both the back-end application and database code and the front-end presentation code. To round this little post up, backend developer and frontend developers are responsible for total responsiveness of a website and cannot function without one another.

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