Today’s Breakfast - Fried Bun 今日早餐 - 生煎菜肉包

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Well, it’s breakfast time~ today’s breakfast is fried bun;) The filling of the buns are pork and Chinese leaves. The buns are steamed first and then fried. They are crispy outside and juicy inside. Really nice~

又到早餐时间~ 今天吃的是“生煎菜肉包”~ 包子是猪肉白菜馅的,先蒸熟,再把外皮略微的煎一下。吃起来外面很酥脆,里面馅料又很有汁水,味道非常好👍


Thank you so much for your reading.
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Looks tastefull. enjoy your meal!!

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