The Future of Steem Lies In SMT | SMT才是Steem的未来

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With the Hive Hard Fork, Steem community has been split into two directions from now on. We're sad about this outcome. @wherein has been focusing on the advocating the adoption of SMT, but actually didn't acquire much attention from our community. Here we want to recall the origins of Steem, and let's review why SMT is crucial to Steem:


In The 2017 Steem Growth Plan by @steemitblog

@steemitblog在《The 2017 Steem Growth Plan》中说了以下的话:

Communities are our top priority. We should first build Steem into a place where everyone could join us for their hobbies, the content they created or shared will be rewarded, and the community could unite to resolve problems. This is the why Steem may be adopted by the entire world, and serves as a more fair and unbiased infrastructure for Web 3.0, and SMT is the core to accomplish this mission.


We thought SMT was ready for realease in late Feburary. But the incidents in the past one month have brought us so much uncertainty, and everyone is distracted from SMT itself. Now, it's the time to pick up SMT again, and move on with faster development, testing, marketing, and putting into production. We have been waiting for so long to get it released.


On SteemFest4, @gerbino and @vandeberg has demoed to us the SMT wizard, which was so exciting. 3 months ago, @steemitblog announced the testing of SMT was doing well, and @howo has started API testing on TestNet. Two weeks ago, @steemitblog shared in its Open Letter that SMT, SMT Wizard and client libraries will be ready soon after small changes and testing. Now let's the community to gather to complete the last mile.

在Steem Fest4上,@gerbino@vandeberg 为我们演示了SMT创建向导,这是令人兴奋的时刻。3个月前,@steemitblog宣布SMT的测试进行得非常好。随后,@howo 开始在测试网上进行测试,为我们展示了Steem SMT的惊人潜力。半个月前,@steemitblog宣布SMT、SMT向导、客户端库的工作大部分已完成,只需要对协议进行小的改进并测试即可上线。现在,正是走在正确轨道上的时候了。

@wherein and @cnstm wants to call for the community to join us for SMT testing and release!

@wherein and @cnstm 再次呼吁社区,我们一起来推动SMT上线吧。

Though not a very large team, we're continuously working on accomplising our goals.


To make SMT possible for Chinese users, we have developed a specific verson of steemconnect for CN, to ease the login process, and easily connected with WeChat account. We have built a Steem4WP wordpress plugin, to make it possible to run WeChat Mini-Program on top of Steem and Wordpress. Via this plugin, we're able to onboard 10K WeChat Mini-Program (kind of a light App) in China, to be connected into Steem.

为了更好得在CN区支持SMT,我们开发了steemconnect中国版,以便中国用户能够通过steemconnect进入到Steem中。我们还通过Steem for Wordpress插件,将微信小程序与Steem进行了连接。通过这个插件,中国有1万个微信小程序(可以看成简单的App)可以与Steem进行连接。

@wherein have shared our work in From Miniprogram to Steem, WhereIN miniprogram is now online in details. The WhereIn Mini-Program looks as below:

这方面的工作,@wherein 在《From Miniprogram to Steem, WhereIN miniprogram is now online》有详细的阐述,以下是接入Steem后的wherein小程序。

In the meanwhile, we have developed another Community WeChat Mini-Program, in order to build a Steem-based Reddit platform in China. We have almost done the development of this Mini-Program and will soon start working on integrating with SMT TestNet.


Today, we want to formally announce the participation into SMT testing. We hope more community contributors and developers could join with us together to make SMT to be released into Main Net ASAP!!


WhereIN Dapp是一个基于Steem区块链的图片社区,于2019年01月06日上线。上线以来,大大方便了中国用户进入Steem区块链,被大家一致称赞。WhereIN的使命就是推动Steem在社群方向的进一步发展,以及将中国纳入到Steem区块链的世界中。详细可见 @wherein发布的帖子,《WhereIn - A Steem-based lifestyle social media platform》对此进行了部分描述。


Hi @wherein!
I would like to ask you on which of the blockchains (HIVE or STEEM) you are writing and working from now on? That's important for me to know because I wonder which of my delegations (HIVE or STEEM) you prefer?

Do you have a Discord channel to chat about things?

Greetings from Germany! :)

We want to support both steem and hive.the flow is my discord.

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Thanks, I sent you a friends request.

Have u contacted steemit or JS to ask a support for your project?
If there will be problems with SMT are u planing to migrate to another chain?
I still believe that your project will be sucess so hope you will make updates more often.

By the way i am glad to see that there are developers who stay neutral and focusing on the developement.

Thank you! We will promote the launch of SMT, whether in Steem or Hive. We believe that only development can bring progress, do not war

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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗


The people who knew and tested SMTs have resigned from Steemit so I don't think there's much of a future for SMTs on Steem, but instead on Hive where the core community has migrated.

Regardless, we will push SMT to go live on steem or hive

Hi there

I've been reading through many comments related to new hive chain and I've seen your comment too. Many users are being torn, however majority seem to be moving to new hive.

Are you fully moving there or will you stay on both chains? Just curious. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.

We pay attention to SMT, not much attention to the split between steem and hive